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Sleep Apnea? Defective Brakes? What Really Caused the Hoboken Train Crash?

In the wake of the devastating September 29 Hoboken train crash that killed one and injured 114, families are still wondering what exactly went wrong. In recent days, investigators and attorneys have pointed to two possible factors that may have led to the crash. These are the train operator’s undiagnosed sleep apnea and defects in the train itself. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes sufferers to awaken frequently throughout the night, due to the spontaneous closing of their airways. Unable to breathe, their bodies wake up to correct the issue. This disturbance of restful sleep can cause dangerous daytime drowsiness. This may have been a factor that prevented the engineer from braking before the train slammed into Hoboken Terminal. Undiagnosed sleep apnea leading to train accidents is not unprecedented. In fact, the crash of a commuter train in New York City in 2013 was found to have been linked…
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Are New Jersey Bus Accidents on the Rise?

Are New Jersey bus accidents on the rise? It seems like every week we’re hearing about another devastating accident involving public transit. Early this month, a New Jersey Transit bus struck a man near Summit train station, causing injuries that left him in critical condition. Another accident a few days later left one man dead when he was struck by a bus. And a few days after that, a New Jersey Transit bus was involved in a six-car accident that left four people injured. Because many New Jersey and New York residents rely on mass transit as their only way of traveling, it stands to reason that residents of these two states are more likely to suffer injuries in a bus accident. New Jersey Lawmakers Want to Hear from Commuters Lawmakers are engaged in a series of four hearings regarding the safety of New Jersey Transit. According to state Sen….
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Could New Jersey Construction Companies Do More to Protect Workers from Falls?

A worker was seriously injured in a construction accident where he fell two stories after stepping backwards into an opening in a house that was being built. The 30-year-old worker cracked his head on the basement floor and sustained a traumatic brain injury. While the rescue was complicated by the fact the basement stairs had yet to be built, emergency crews were eventually able to extract the worker and he is expected to survive. Fall Hazards are the Most Common Cause of Fatal Construction Accidents According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), fall hazards contribute to more than 30 percent of all fatal construction accidents. Additionally, falls are the cause of 28 percent of all spinal cord injuries. However, these deaths and injuries are preventable when construction companies follow these three steps: Create a plan beforehand – When workers must operate from heights, such…
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