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After a Traumatic Brain Injury, There Is Hope: NJ Athlete’s Recovery Story

The road to recovery for victims of traumatic brain injury can be long and arduous, rife with obstacles and uncertainty. The need for treatment and rehabilitation can create difficulties at home and in the workplace. But despite the long process of bouncing back from a traumatic brain injury, those with TBI should not lose hope. Here is the story of a New Jersey man who was struck by a truck and suffered serious injuries, but was able to come back a year later to pursue his passions as an athlete. The Story of David Musicant David Musicant is a New Jersey man with a serious love of sports. He has completed several marathons and Ironman competitions all over the world. Have you ever woken up at 3:30am to bike 80 miles and then spent a full day at work? David has, many times – it’s one of his training regimens….
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Struck by Flying Debris: Driving NJ Man Hit by Dumbbell

The New Jersey Turnpike was shut down on the morning of January 9, 2017 after a freak accident left a driver in critical condition. The 75-year-old man was driving southbound near mile marker 6 when a 50-pound dumbbell smashed into the windshield. At present, it is not known what happened that led to the dumbbell crashing into the man’s car. The open road is an unpredictable environment. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 39,000 personal injuries and more than 500 wrongful deaths occurred between 2011 and 2014 due to debris in the road or falling off other vehicles. To determine liability in these cases, we must look at the individual circumstances of each crash. In cases where an object falls off a car or truck, the injured driver would look to identify which vehicle the debris came from and who was driving. Sometimes, the driver will be the…
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SUV Rollover Accidents: Who Is to Blame for Defective Design?

Sport utility vehicles have a reputation for being generally safer than standard passenger cars. But don’t be fooled – SUVs are certainly better at protecting passengers from car accidents, but carry some hidden dangers of their own. On New Year’s Day, a driver on the Garden State Parkway was seriously injured when his SUV rolled over unexpectedly. The vehicle then caught fire, and the driver was rushed to nearby Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Was it a defect in the vehicle that caused the rollover? The investigation is ongoing, but even if there was nothing wrong with the car, SUVs do have a greater risk of rolling due to the high center-of-gravity, narrower track width and some SUV designs. Rollover Accident Stats In the United States, there are approximately 11,000 fatal rollover accidents per year. Only around 2 percent of motor vehicle accidents involve rollovers. However, a stunning 35 percent…
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