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Are Bad Driving Habits During the Winter More Likely to Cause Car Accidents?

Winter weather in the last week has made New Jersey roads a disaster. New Jersey State Police are reporting that they have responded to more than 428 accidents in areas they patrol. Icy road conditions have prompted Governor Chris Christie to call on anyone who must drive in such dangerous conditions to be careful and drive slowly. Freezing rain, also called sleet or black ice, can make it difficult for cars and trucks to maneuver, sometimes causing them to lose control. Transportation officials will often put up speed restrictions and tell drivers conditions are unsafe and they should stay home if the option to do so is available. Salt trucks are deployed during icing conditions to help keep water from turning to ice, reducing the number of car accidents. Public transportation is also likely to be suspended when road conditions are unsafe. Icy roads leave no room for error, and…
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Are Construction Accidents a Danger to New Jersey Workers?

Construction accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and death to workers unfortunate enough to face them. Among the most common construction accident injuries are falls and equipment failure. In 2013, construction accidents killed 796 workers, more than any other industry. Fortunately, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) help regulate industries by setting safety standards that keep employees safe. Sometimes employers do not follow the regulations in place and accidents and fatalities happen. Last week, a New Jersey construction worker was catastrophically injured when a construction crane overturned and ejected him into an embankment. The man was later airlifted out of the Green State Parkway construction zone with serious injuries. Another accident happened in Ocean County, where a worker fell into a concrete crushing machine and lost his life. Last year, another man died in a freak accident after a tape measure fell several stories, striking and killing him. Why Do…
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Did New Jersey Have a Rise in Car Accidents in 2014?

Bad driving habits can cause car accidents that are capable of leaving people with catastrophic injuries and a severe loss of quality of life. Habits that include texting and driving, speeding, unsafe lane changes, aggressive driving and drunk driving cause car accidents annually. Common injuries that follow a car accident can include traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries (SCIs) and amputations. Catastrophic injuries can cause a person to lose income, face steep medical bills and require months to years of rehabilitation. New Jersey has seen a rise in car accidents, with 2014 being an especially deadly year for motorists. According to statistics released by New Jersey State Police, 563 people died in car accidents last year. What Catastrophic Injuries Are Associated with Car Accidents? Spinal Cord Injuries: SCIs are especially devastating. People who have sustained an SCI may require personal assistance for life. When an SCI occurs, the spinal…
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