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How to Keep Your Teenager Safe on Prom Night

Last week, two teenage girls lost their lives in a car accident just hours after their high school prom. According to the police report, the car veered off Route 49 and slammed into a tree. The 17-year-old driver lost her life on impact, while the other died in a hospital. Two other girls were injured, but were in stable condition. Police do not know the exact reason the car veered off the road. However, the cause of accidents on prom night typically are due to drunk teenage driving. What Can Parents Do to Keep Their Teens Safe on Prom Night? Each year, high school students lay out detailed plans for their upcoming prom. From the perfect dress, to the matching suit and from their dates to the right flowers, prom is supposed to be just right. What they don’t plan on is their perfect night ending in tragedy. A study…
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How Did This College Student Die?

An 18-year-old graduated in the class of 2015 from Moorestown, New Jersey and began attending Arcadia University in Pennsylvania as a communications major. Her friends describe her as a friendly, outgoing person and she had her whole life ahead of her. That is, until a tragic truck accident took her life. Last month, the student was driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike to make her way back to New Jersey. According to reports, her vehicle made contact with a semi-truck carrying 20,000 pounds of soap and they both swerved onto an embankment. The truck driver unfortunately lost control during the collision and the truck rolled over onto the student’s car. The turnpike was completely shut down after the accident. Emergency response teams were able to pull the truck driver from the wreckage and move him to a local hospital. However, the student was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of…
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Why is the New Jersey Turnpike Dangerous?

It’s been called “The Monster Road,” “The Big Road” and “The Black Dragon.” The Huffington Post has ranked it in the “Top 10 Absolute Worst Places to Drive in the World.” It has been the site of major celebrity accidents (such as Tracy Morgan) and historical figures (such as famous mathematician from “A Beautiful Mind,” John Nash). It is also famous for its large and deadly pileup accidents. The New Jersey Turnpike cuts across the middle of the state, which also happens to be the most densely populated area. Its 148-mile stretch, with as many as 14 lanes in some areas, gives drivers access to roads such as I-95, I-2276 Pennsylvania Spur, the Newark Bay extension and Route 700, to name a few. According to NJ.com, more than 5.5 billion miles were driven on the Turnpike in 2013 and the numbers are only increasing. There were 24 fatal car crashes…
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