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How Safe Is Cycling in New Jersey?

New Jersey is desperately attempting to find solutions that would reduce the high number of bicycle accidents throughout the state. According to cycling advocates and the National Conference of State Legislatures, New Jersey lacks the infrastructure and laws to protect cyclists. Including the rest of the U.S., New Jersey is one of 17 states that do not require roadside lanes or protection for cyclists. Roadside protection includes things such as bike lanes and protected bike lanes. Bike lanes offer cyclists separation from other vehicles; however, physical protection is lacking. With protected bike lanes, planters, curbs, posts or even parked cars can provide a solid barrier between cyclists and motorists. Some states have “complete street” policies, meaning the road design is safe for bicyclists and pedestrians. From 2012 to 2014, the percentage of fatal bicycle accidents in New Jersey increased 32.4 percent. To stop the high number of accidents, the New…
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Can Technology Help or Hurt Driver Safety?

Distracted driving has become one of the primary causes of car and truck accidents during the last decade. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 660,000 American drivers are using mobile phones and driving at any given time. New Jersey State Police say that distracted driving has become the top factor in car accidents. Newer computers, such as Apple’s new watch or the Google self-driving car, have led journalists and safety officials to speculate on how advancing technology will shape traffic safety. Smart watches can check email, connect to apps and serve as a scheduler. In some ways, smart watches can do many of the operations smart phones can do, and it might be more tempting to check while driving or sitting in traffic. In addition to smart watches, major tech companies have been developing smart-glasses that can display multimedia content. Fortunately, New Jersey law enforcement will still…
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Eight New Jersey Employees Injured in Hazmat Work Accident

Several workers in Hammonton, New Jersey were hospitalized after a hazmat incident. Workers claimed that they were not feeling well and had a burning sensation in their lungs and eyes. Once everyone was evacuated and HAZMAT units arrived on the scene to investigate the accident, it was determined that a leak of fluoromethane refrigerant was the culprit. Fluoromethane, also known as Freon, is commonly used in air conditioning units. Inhalation of Freon can cause dizziness, headaches, irritation to eyes, frostbite and chemical burns. In worst-case scenarios, Freon poisoning can cause significant lung and brain damage. Investigators believe that a malfunction in the HVAC system was responsible for the leak. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has announced that it will investigate the incident, but that an investigation could take more than six months. According to workers, there was a fire on site several months prior to the Freon leak. There…
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