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Are Fatigued Truckers Behind a National Rise in Truck Accidents?

Rules that limit the number of hours truck drivers are allowed to work per week may be rolled back by Congress as part of a budget deal to fund the US government through next year. In 2013, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration adopted the “hours-of-service” guidelines, which reduced the number of hours truck drivers could operate from 82 to 70 hours. Current rules allow truck drivers to work 14 hours a day and drive for 11. Under the hours-of-service rule, if a truck driver works 70 hours in a week, he or she must rest for 34 consecutive hours before starting a new week. One group, Advocates for Highway Auto Safety, is speaking out against the possible rollback by calling it an appalling political bargain with life and death consequences. The American Trucking Association (ATA) defended the idea of a rollback, and argued that it was close to impossible…
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How Do OSHA Policies Protect Workers From Workplace Accidents and Death?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials have fined a Paterson-based box manufacturer after a worker was injured by unsafe working conditions. Investigations into the company began earlier in May when another employee activated a machine with the worker inside. OSHA officials are claiming that the company did not implement necessary safety protocols to prevent the accident from happening. Officials are referring to the ‘lockout/tagout’ program, a safety guideline that helps protect against injury and death from machinery. It is the third time that OSHA has cited the local company for failing to uphold safe working conditions. Lockout and tagout procedures are essential to avoiding manufacturing and construction accidents. The procedures greatly reduce the risk of amputation, electrocution and death during machine maintenance. Machines can start up unexpectedly, and if a worker is still inside performing maintenance, he or she could face catastrophic injuries and death. Application of the lockout and…
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Are Car Accidents More Frequent During the Holidays?

Driving while impaired is an enormous problem in the United States, killing over 10,000 and costing $37 billion annually. Drunk driving deaths and arrests always increase during the holidays because of a greater chance people are going to ingest large amounts of alcohol and try to drive somewhere. National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics show that Thanksgiving is one of the most dangerous holidays for drivers, because it averages over 450 fatal car accidents every year. To put this problem into perspective, an average day in America has around 100 deaths from car accidents. Deaths from alcohol related accidents are a major cause for concern around holidays, and Thanksgiving is no different. Is Thanksgiving the Most Dangerous Holiday of the Year for Drivers? While alcohol is a major cause of car accidents during the holidays, and specifically Thanksgiving, it is not the only factor. This Thanksgiving, over 90…
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