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Doctor Sued for Malpractice, Pressuring Family to Donate Organs

Last year, a family fled California to New Jersey to keep their daughter alive. In California, hospitals may terminate life support for terminally brain dead patients. New Jersey, on the other hand, accommodates patients who are declared brain dead and does not accept it as a final declaration of death. In the case of this family, a California doctor misdiagnosed their daughter as brain dead and almost killed her. Doctors Pushed for Risky Surgery and Botched It A girl diagnosed with sleep apnea was scheduled for surgery at an Oakland, CA hospital. Rather than treating the 13-year-old girl with a continuous positive airway pressure machine (CPAP), the doctor opted for a complex and risky surgery that drastically increased the risk for hemorrhaging after the procedure. After the surgery, the hemorrhage risk was not reported to the medical staff working in the post-anesthesia care unit or the pediatric intensive care unit….
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Can These Anti-Sleep Gadgets Help Truck Drivers Stay Alert?

It is well known that delivery deadlines often put pressure on truck drivers to drive, rather than doze. Truck drivers often skimp on sleep, chug a cup of coffee, knock back some caffeine supplements and continue driving in order to make a delivery deadline. On average, 4,300 deaths per year occur involving commercial trucks. One third of those accidents are a result of truck drivers falling asleep at the wheel. We live in a rather technologically resourceful age, so naturally, certain devices and applications exist that are supposed to keep drivers alert. However, just because these devices exist does not mean car drivers are safe from truck driver error. What Devices and Apps Are Available to Truck Drivers to Stay Awake? There is a phone app available called Drowsy Driver that focuses on the driver’s eyes and detects if the eyes are open or closed. If the driver closes their…
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Why Was 2015 a Dangerous Year for NJ Cyclists?

While the number of vehicle, pedestrian and motorcycle deaths decreased in 2015 to a record low of 554 fatalities, the number of cyclist deaths have actually increased. According to New Jersey State police records, the number of people who died while bicycling increased to 64 percent. Unfortunately, this is the highest number of cyclist deaths New Jersey has seen since 2008. In the past, efforts have been made by both New Jersey and New York to improve overall road fatalities, with particular interest in cyclists. However, New Jersey has not seen success in these efforts. The state is possibly too densely populated, and according to the executive director of the New Jersey Bicycle and Walking Coalition, more residents are walking and cycling than ever before. What is the Safe Passing Bill? The state legislature recently met to discuss a bill that focuses on preventable accidents, such as the 143 New…
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