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Woman Sues After Unsafe Hospital Bed Causes Fall

A Teaneck woman has filed a lawsuit against Holy Name Medical Center after suffering serious injuries. According to the lawsuit, her hospital gown was caught on her bed when she attempted to stand. She fell, sustaining injuries that left her permanently disabled, according to her claim. The lawsuit also names the manufacturer of the hospital bed, Hill-Rom Company, Inc. It claims that the hospital bed was inherently dangerous and defective as well as unsafe for its intended use. The plaintiff argues that the bed was designed with wanton and willful disregard for the safety of the user, and that the hospital is negligent because it failed to replace the defective bed. Are Falls from Beds Common? Every year, thousands of hospitalized patients and residents of nursing homes suffer injuries from falling out of beds. In certain circumstances, the hospital or nursing home can be held liable for these injuries. The…
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NJ Woman Sues Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for Injuries on Set

The glitz and glamour of television, the chance to watch contestants win oodles of cash, the competition, the laughs, the…painful injury? A New Jersey woman filed a lawsuit in January against ABC Television and Valleycrest Productions due to serious injuries she sustained on the set of the hit game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.” The lawsuit recently reached federal court. How did the woman suffer injury? According to the lawsuit, she tripped over an uneven portion of a ramp and fell to the floor while walking to her seat. She has requested $15,000 in damages due to serious injuries, including a tear in her right rotator cuff, severe damage to her left knee and the mental and physical pain and suffering associated with her injury. The ramp covered television cables in an area that the lawsuit claims was inadequately lit. The lawsuit accuses the show of failing to warn studio…
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A Pattern Emerges? NJ Man Suffers Injury after Hammer Crashes Through Windshield

We blogged a few weeks ago about a tragic incident on New Jersey roads, when a 50 pound dumbbell came crashing through a man’s windshield. The incident caused injuries that would later prove to be fatal. Another incident with uncanny parallels occurred on January 26 on the Garden State Parkway. Around 3:30pm near milepost 134.3, a driver in a Lexus ES3 was injured when a hammer came flying through his windshield. He did not require medical attention and only sustained minor injuries. However, as we’ve seen, it could very easily have been worse. Police do not know whether the hammer had fallen off a vehicle or if it had been intentionally thrown from a vehicle or dropped from a nearby overpass. It is not known whether the two incidents are connected, though there are obvious similarities. Assigning Fault When Flying Debris in the Roads Causes Injury Especially in situations where…
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