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Are NJ School Buses Inspected for Safety?

With the school year kicking off recently in New Jersey, a story came to light involving buses and state safety inspections. According to NBC 4 New York, a search of New Jersey motor vehicle records recently revealed that Horizon Link’s fleet failed at a 96 percent rate during its last inspection. The company is contracted out to provide transportation to students in the West Orange-area and one of its buses was recently involved in an injury accident. On August 13, 11 children were injured in an accident when a Horizon bus smashed into an SUV and crashed into a liquor store. An initial investigation revealed that the driver of the bus said that its brakes failed prior to the accident. The children on the bus were on their way to Mt. Carmel Guild School at the time of the crash. The news outlet reported that when state safety inspections were…
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How Dangerous is Texting While Walking?

While many people associate the dangers of texting with driving, you should also know that it can be very hazardous to text and walk. Recently, The Today Show had a report about the subject, noting that a study found that people who text while walking move slower, drag their feet and wobble—all of which can lead to a pedestrian accident. Researchers with the Exercise and Sport Nutrition Lab of Texas A&M University found that “pedestrians tapping out messages on their devices could be at higher risk of tripping or putting themselves in danger’s way while crossing the road.” According to the research findings, in which people were asked to go through an obstacle course, it took texters an average of 25 seconds to finish the course, while it took non-texters only 19 seconds. Texters also took shorter steps—the average step length of texters was only 14 inches compared to 17…
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NJ Truck Accident Kills One, Causes “Carmageddon”

Sadly, a dump truck crash in New Jersey killed a person on August 4 and shut down traffic for several hours, resulting in what the media dubbed “carmageddon.” The truck accident occurred along the New Jersey Turnpike at about 10:30 a.m., when the vehicle struck the Wood Avenue overpass in Linden. The truck’s driver was pronounced dead following the crash. According to ABC News, a fire ignited on the highway because of the crash, as power and gas lines run underneath the bridge that was damaged. It was not until about 12 hours later that all of the lanes on the highway were fully opened and operational, following a cleanup and investigation. The crash resulted in the word “carmageddon” trending on social media platforms in New Jersey, as people began posting pictures they were taking while waiting in traffic. In one photo, a woman pulled out a beach chair and…
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