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Is This the Most Dangerous Road in New Jersey?

In February, the former Miss New Jersey spun out while travelling north on Route 55 and smashed into two trees. She held on while in critical condition, but later died. Since her tragic death, four other lives have been claimed by Route 55 and many have been injured this year, including a woman who crashed into a tree while going northbound and died on the scene. A few weeks later, a prisoner transport van crashed into another car and killed one inmate, while three others were injured. Most recently, a 31-year-old man’s truck flipped over while turning and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Why is Route 55 a Dangerous Road? On Route 55, there is a point where four lanes turn into the two-lane Route 47 and this is where drivers prepare to pump the brakes. And while this explains the traffic jams, it doesn’t explain why so…
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Teaneck Driver Discovers Road Rage Has Serious Consequences

In 2012, two SUVs were driving erratically on Garden State Parkway, near Route 17. The Honda SUV was tailgating a Chevy SUV when the driver tried to pass in the exit lane. According to a police report, witnesses claimed both of the vehicles were speeding, making frequent lane changes and tailgating each other. The Honda driver lost control and swerved off the road, struck a metal guard rail and rolled over into oncoming traffic. The Honda struck the Chevy while it was rolling over and both of the cars struck another guard rail. Upon impact, a passenger was ejected from the Honda and later died from her injuries. One of the drivers was convicted of vehicular manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years in prison, while the other is awaiting sentencing. Why is Road Rage Dangerous? It can be particularly annoying when another driver cuts you off, is driving below the…
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How Can Cars Safely Share the Road With Semi-Trucks?

It can be frustrating to be stuck driving behind a semi-truck. They block our vision and take too long to make tight turns. However, trucks are much larger and carry much more weight on the road, so accidents can be catastrophic. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 5,000 people in passenger cars die each year when involved in a collision with semi-trucks.  That said, there are steps car drivers and truck drivers can take to safely share the road with each other. How to Drive Safely With Semi-Trucks When traveling behind or alongside larger trucks, it is important that drivers stay out of the truck driver’s blind spots. There are four areas around the truck that are aptly named “No-Zones.” These zones exist directly behind the truck and on the right side of the truck. If you are driving on the left side, it is…
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