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Over a Dozen Students Injured in NJ Bus Accident

In early June, an accident involving two school buses left 17 third-graders with minor injuries. According to reports, nearly 90 students were on their way to Museum Village in upstate New York for a field trip when debris in the roadway caused one bus to lose control. The bus was rear-ended by another bus, shattering windows and leading to the children’s injuries. Emergency responders evaluated the health of the students after the bus accident and described the injuries as very minor, mostly cuts, bumps and bruises, but given the size of the buses involved, it could easily have been worse. School Bus Accident Brings to Light Differences in New Jersey Law New Jersey is one of the only states in the nation that requires all school buses to be equipped with three-point seat belts. Why is it that most states do not have such a requirement? Wouldn’t seat belts make…
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Three Years After Truck Accident, Tracy Morgan Called to Testify

In 2014, a Wal-Mart truck on the New Jersey Turnpike crashed into a vehicle transporting actor Tracy Morgan and comedian James McNair. The truck accident left McNair dead and Morgan with a serious traumatic brain injury. In 2015, Morgan was awarded roughly $90 million for his injuries. Since then, Morgan has been involved in a legal battle with the insurance company that paid his settlement. Morgan was recently asked to testify under oath regarding the settlement, but has refused to do so. Wal-Mart’s insurer, Ohio Casualty, has accused Morgan of taking advantage of the system, alleging that his future earnings were not as compromised as much as he claimed. The company has demanded that Morgan turn over medical records, income statements, prescriptions and other financial records to help them prove their allegations. Ohio Casualty is also seeking to depose Ardley Fuqua, a friend of Morgan’s who was riding in the…
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Chemical Leak at New Jersey Industrial Park Injures One

In late May, a tanker car at Pureland Industrial Park in Logan Township began leaking due to a malfunctioning valve stem. The tanker was filled with propylene, a colorless fuel gas with a naturally pungent smell. Propylene is flammable and considered volatile. The tanker can hold up to 30,000 gallons of this dangerous gas, but it is not known how much leaked out before the leak was found and stopped. One person who was present at the industrial park suffered non-life threatening personal injuries. Injured by Hazardous Material Leaks The spill or leakage of hazardous materials can be devastating to a community’s environment, and poses a serious danger to anyone who is exposed. The unpredictable nature of these leaks means that people can suffer injury before they are alerted to the incident or evacuated. Depending on what the hazardous material is, the results of exposure could be fatal. The damages…
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