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A Harrowing Roller Coaster Ride on El Diablo Leads to Lawsuit

The high-speed thrills of rollercoasters bring thousands of Americans to amusement parks every summer. But sometimes those thrills turn to terror, as occurred at Six Flags Great Adventure in 2015. At the Jackson Township park, a juvenile girl named Rachel boarded El Diablo, a red-and-yellow behemoth that opened earlier that year. The coaster consists of a massive seven-story loop, which the car speeds around the inside of over and over again. Rachel was expecting an exhilarating experience as the car picked up momentum and spun her body a full 360 degrees. But instead, Rachel suffered serious, severe and permanent injuries from El Diablo, according to a lawsuit against the park. Her injuries, including shoulder, cervical, thoracic and lumbar strains and sprains, occurred as she hung onto her shoulder restraints for dear life after her lap restraint disengaged. For loop after loop, the girl clung for her life, her body shaken…
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Are Cars Purchased from CarMax Safe?

Planning on shopping for a car at CarMax anytime soon? You should be aware that some of the vehicles there may not be safe to drive. A recent study showed that many of the vehicles at selected CarMax lots had recalled vehicle parts that had not yet been repaired. The survey examined vehicles at three lots (one in Connecticut, one in Massachusetts and one in California) and discovered that 27 percent of vehicles for sale had at least one open recall. These recalls included, among other things, Takata’s notorious defective air bag inflators as well as General Motors ignition switches. Both of these auto components have been linked to car accident injuries and deaths. The Takata air bag problem was is so widespread that it led to the largest automobile recall in modern history as well as Takata Corp.’s bankruptcy. It is not illegal under federal law to sell a…
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After a Girl is Struck by a Foul Ball, the Question is Raised: What is the Baseball Rule?

During a New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins game in September, a line drive by Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier hit a young girl in the face. Since then, Frazier has been in contact with the family. According to their correspondence, the young girl is doing much better after her injury. Frazier intends to visit the girl and her family. Despite the apparent friendliness between the two families, this incident brings up an interesting question. Does the family have any recourse from the stadium, or is the potential of being struck by a foul ball an assumed risk? According to an analysis from Bloomberg News, over 1,700 spectators are injured every baseball season by baseballs coming off bats, or broken pieces of the bats themselves. Sometimes, these injuries are serious, involving fractures, neurological damage and sometimes, life-threatening injuries. The Baseball Rule The Baseball Rule is a longstanding rule that imposes…
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