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Video Catches a New Jersey School Bus and FedEx Truck in a Road Rage Incident

Earlier this month, a FedEx truck and a school bus were caught on video driving recklessly in a horrifying road rage incident. In the video (which you can view below), a school bus swerves into oncoming traffic to try and get around the FedEx truck. In retaliation, the FedEx truck also swerves into the oncoming lane, threatening to hit the school bus or run it off the road. The video has since gone viral. While the school bus did not have any students on board, the bus company apparently provides transportation for many New Jersey school districts. The company released a statement saying the driver has since been fired and a FedEx spokesperson said the company is investigating the road rage incident. Road Rage Incidents Involving Truck Drivers Can Cause Catastrophic Injuries Road rage drivers are already terrifying by themselves. When you throw in an 80,000-pound truck, the situation can…
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Man Sustained Serious Spinal Cord Injury in This New Jersey Waterpark Accident

A man and his wife visited Sahara Sam’s Oasis Water Park in West Berlin last month for a little bit of fun heat when the man was injured in a New Jersey waterpark accident. The man rode the FlowRider, a New Jersey waterpark ride that simulates surfing. However, the staff member in charge of the FlowRider failed to inform the man he, as a novice, could lie on his belly to safely ride, instead of standing. Additionally, the waterpark staff did not inform the man that he should hold onto a safety rope while riding. As a result, the man fell while surfing, causing a catastrophic spinal cord injury. The man sued the park for negligence following this. A lower court dismissed the case because the man had signed a liability waiver before getting on the ride. However, the New Jersey Supreme Court found the lack of instruction combined with…
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Should Self-Driving Cars in New Jersey Have Ignition Interlock Devices Installed?

These days, there’s not a lot a car can’t do. They can parallel park for you, help you stay in your lane, apply the brakes and even drive for you. Now, self-driving cars made by Google, Tesla, Mercedes and Audi are expected to increase fuel efficiency and decrease the number of car accidents. In theory, the people who stand to benefit the most from self-driving cars are teenage drivers, elderly drivers, tired workers and people who plan on drinking. Picture it; after having a few cocktails at a bar, it would be so easy to get into your self-driving car, press the “home” button and relax as the car transports you safely. You’re home free, right? Wrong. Drinking and Operating a Self-Driving Car is Still Drunk Driving According to a member of the International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety, the actions that require a person to start the…
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