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David Spevack to Present a Seminar on Plea Bargaining Guidelines

The Middlesex County Bar Association will be hosting the Municipal Court Practice Lunch CLE on May 4, and it will focus on plea bargaining. Attendants will be given information and examples on how to reach an agreement between the prosecution and a defendant to settle a trial. Criminal defense lawyers, prosecutors and other attorneys will be able to benefit from this event. As an inclusive organization dedicated to educating the legal community, the Middlesex County Bar Association hosts events that can help attorneys sharpen their skills so they can be more effective in court. David Spevack will be one of three speakers. David is a prosecutor for Woodbridge Municipal Court and a New Jersey trial lawyer. As a prosecutor, David has extensive knowledge of non-indictable crimes, which are offenses that do not lead to incarceration for more than one year. What Topics Will David Spevack Cover During the Presentation? David…
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Are New Jersey Workers at Risk for Electrical Accidents?

In 2013, electrocutions were responsible for 71 fatal construction accidents. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) considers electrocutions to be in its “top four” category for fatal construction accidents, following closely behind falls and being caught in machinery. Due to the threat of electrical hazards to worker safety, OSHA has strict guidelines to prevent electrocutions, including protecting wiring, properly installing electrical equipment and training employees on hazards relevant to their occupation. To help our readers understand what an electrical accident looks like and what can happen to workers injured by them, we are going to use an example that happened here in Middlesex County. Middlesex County Worker Injured in Electrical Accident An electrical accident happened in Middlesex County earlier this month when a warehouse worker was electrocuted by an improperly wired conveyer belt. When police and EMS were called to the scene of the accident, they had…
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Are New Jersey Employers Exposing Workers to Dangerous Chemicals?

Work accidents do not always result in immediate injuries, and sometimes the effects from working in an unsafe work environment can take years to develop. Chemical exposure can leave workers with respiratory illnesses, a higher risk of cancer and permanent disability. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited a New Jersey staffing agency for failing to train workers on chemical hazards, leaving them vulnerable to exposure. OSHA has levied $45,000 in fines and representatives have informed the company that it is legally responsible for the safety of its workers. Another incident involving chemical exposure occurred in New Jersey last December when OSHA fined a chemical plant for toxic chemical leaks that exposed workers to health complications. The company responsible had been cited in 2010 after a worker accidently inhaled a lethal dose of poisonous gas from a methylene chloride leak. OSHA investigators discovered that the gas had been…
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