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Driver Charged in Reckless Driving Accident That Killed 2, Injured 7

A New Jersey man is facing charges of manslaughter, assault and reckless driving after a car crash in Queens. Pending the results of blood work, he may also be charged with driving under the influence. The devastating car accident led to two deaths and injuries to seven people. According to reports, the 33-year-old driver was driving with five passengers in his BMW to Brooklyn from a wedding. Sometime after 6 a.m., he tried to pass a white Nissan in the right lane of the highway. He then allegedly sideswiped the Nissan and lost control of his BMW. As he sped out of control, he slammed into a Nissan Rogue, pushing it through a guardrail and into the eastbound lanes. Both vehicles rolled over into oncoming traffic. A Mercedes Benz SUV traveling eastbound attempted to dodge the two rolling vehicles, but ended up rolling over as well. The driver that caused…
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How Often Do NJ Transit Trains Crash?

In early July, a New Jersey Transit train derailed on its way into Pennsylvania Station in New York. The derailment led to more delays on NJ Transit and Amtrak tracks in a time where delays are already causing headaches for thousands of commuters daily. New Jersey Transit officials described the incident as a “slow speed derailment,” the cause of which was not immediately known. Fortunately, none of the 100 to 150 people on board were injured. But commuters overheard conductors saying that it will surely happen again. This incident occurred nearly three months after another New Jersey Transit train derailed at that station. The April 3 derailment was caused by a defect in the tracks. New Jersey Transit was aware of the defect but had underestimated how urgent it needed to be repaired. In response to that derailment, New Jersey Transit lowered the maximum speed for trains entering and leaving…
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Can NJ Transit Be Held Liable if Someone Hurts Me on a Bus?

In 2013, a New York woman aboard a New Jersey Transit bus was accosted by four other passengers. The altercation ended when one of the passengers threw a bottle at the woman. They then got off the bus. The thrown bottle permanently scarred the woman and required her to get 22 stitches. The woman sued New Jersey transit, alleging that the bus driver was negligent. The accusation stems from the the driver’s failure to stop the bus and kick off the unruly passengers. The driver also did not call the police when it became apparent that the passengers were a danger to others. The woman was recently awarded $1.8 million for her personal injuries by a jury, who found NJ Transit 100 percent liable for the incident. Why Was This Incident NJ Transit’s Fault? NJ Transit has a duty of care to passengers on its buses to provide a safe…
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