What is Constitutional Law?

Middlesex County Attorney Protecting Your Constitutional Rights and Civil Rights

Middlesex County attorney handling constitutional law and civil rights violationsThe United States Constitution is the cornerstone of the relationship between the federal and state governments as well as between individuals and those governments. Constitutional law keeps federal and state government agencies and officials in check. Lawsuits brought under constitutional law help regulate government power. Additionally, constitutional rights violation lawsuits help uphold the rights of all American citizens.

Since we began our law firm in 1928, the constitutional lawyers of Spevack Law Firm provided aid to those whose First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment and other constitutional or civil rights were violated by law enforcement, federal or New Jersey government entities. Our Middlesex County attorney has experience fighting for your constitutional rights before New Jersey and federal courts. This includes the United States Supreme Court, as well.

Can I Sue the Government? New Jersey Civil Rights Lawyers

If lawmakers or government officials abuse their power by infringing on or by depriving you of your rights, then you should contact our law firm. Our constitutional lawyers can aid in filing lawsuits against the state or federal government agencies at fault for constitutional rights violations. Holding these entities accountable for constitutional rights violations ensures that we preserve the individual freedoms promised by the Constitution, Bills of Rights and related amendments.

The government should offer protection. However, when these actions overstep boundaries, our constitutional lawyers can help seek the financial relief and justice constitutional law claims can provide.

Types of Constitutional Rights Violations and Civil Rights Cases

The Middlesex County attorneys of Spevack Law Firm understand constitutional law. In fact, our firm is actively involved in a number of Constitutional disputes, including:

  • Affirmative action and discrimination
  • Freedoms of speech, press and religion
  • Search and seizure protections
  • Eminent domain
  • Freedom of information
  • Grand jury proceedings

Middlesex County Attorney for Constitutional Law and Civil Rights Violations

Recent constitutional law cases nationwide have brought to light the importance of your constitutional rights and your civil right to equal treatment under the law. If you believe a law enforcement officer or government official violated your constitutional or civil rights, then you may seek financial compensation for your damages.

To speak to a Middlesex County attorney about a civil rights violation, please call our law firm at (732) 636-3030.