Ronald Spevack and Gregg Williams Receive $2.735 Million Verdict for Injured Client

An Essex County Superior Court jury, after over two weeks of trial, rendered a verdict for Plaintiff in the gross amount of $4.5 million, net amount $2,735,455.08. Plaintiff was represented by Gregg A. Williams, Esq. and Ronald W. Spevack, Esq. of Spevack Law Offices.

The motor vehicle accident which was the basis for this suit happened on August 30, 2007. Plaintiff was operating a vehicle in Fairfield, New Jersey, on Route 46 East at 4:40 A.M. when the front left of her vehicle struck the right rear corner of a garbage truck operated by defendant.

The jury found Defendant 55 percent negligent and Plaintiff 45 percent negligent. The jury found a gross damage award of $4.5 million, which was reduced by the court by 45%. Proof showed that the garbage truck’s lower rear lights were covered with crud which greatly limited their illumination. The Defendant alleges that the upper lights of the garbage truck functioned normally and should have alerted plaintiff. Plaintiff, age 21, suffered grave injuries, including 6 days in a coma, 2 internal surgeries, multiple fractures including non-union fractures of the left femur and nerve damage of the right hand. Plaintiff was a college student, has attempted to return to college but needs accommodations and has not returned to work.

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