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The Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury, Part 2: Cognitive Complications

Last week, we went into detail on some of the physical complications of traumatic brain injury (TBI). This week, we’re continuing this series by discussing the cognitive effects of TBI, which can vary wildly. Cognition is, simply put, to know or to think. Cognition encompasses a broad range of mental skills such as memory, communication, attention, understanding, problem-solving, and more. TBI can affect any or all of these skills. Attention and concentration. A person who has suffered a TBI may become easily distracted, restless, have difficulty multitasking or completing projects and problems carrying on long conversations. Problems processing and understanding information. A person with TBI may need extra time to understand what others are saying or to follow instructions. It can take that person longer to read and understand written information. It can also affect reaction time, which can turn previously simple tasks like driving into unsafe actions. Language and…
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