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What Caused the Deadly Speedboat Accident at the Jersey Shore?

A crash off the coast of New Jersey left one man dead and another injured. The crash occurred during a preliminary event for the Grand Prix Race Off at Point Pleasant Beach. Two boats, Repeat Offender and Smith Brothers, were racing when, for an unknown reason, the Repeat Offender steered into the other boat’s path. Rough water led to Smith Brothers becoming airborne, and when it came down, it came down on top of the other boat. Serious head trauma led to the death of one of the boaters, while his two companions were hospitalized, at least one in critical condition. According to one of the boaters, his boat had not seen choppy waters like those present that day since 2004. Police are still unsure what caused the accident. Was it operator error, as is the case with many vehicle accidents? Could the boat not handle those ocean conditions? Or…
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I Was Hurt by a Falling Tree, Do I Have a Case?

Tragedy struck a Mother’s Day barbecue in New Jersey when a tree crashed down, striking six people. Five of the victims were injured, while a 28-year-old father of two died. The tree was knocked down by a storm that suddenly arose. Other trees as well as power lines were brought down in the storm as well. Is Anyone Liable When Trees Fall and Cause Injury? Did you know that there are more trees in the United States now than there were 100 years ago? Falling tree fatalities and injuries are much more common than you might think. Every year, approximately 100 people die when trees fall on them, and many more suffer serious injury. If you or a loved one have been hurt or killed by a falling tree, you might wonder if you can sue a property owner for damages. Sometimes, you can. To win a case involving a…
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Hundreds of Charges Filed in Hazing Death of NJ Man

On February 2, Timothy Piazza, a New Jersey man attending a party at the Alpha Upsilon chapter house of Beta Theta Pi at Penn State experienced a series of injuries that ultimately led to his death two days later. An investigation of the circumstances of his death turned up evidence of heavy drinking, hazing and a cover up. The fraternity and 18 of its members now face charges numbering in the hundreds – involuntary manslaughter among others. The fraternity claimed to be a dry fraternity, though records showed over $1,000 was spent to purchase alcohol between Jan. 25 and Feb. 2, intended for use at the recruitment event where Piazza was injured. Phone chats through social media, as well as testimony from attendees of the event, confirmed that pledges to the frat were made to drink excessive amounts of alcohol in a short period of time, including a “gauntlet” involving…
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