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Can NJ Transit Be Liable if Someone Injures Me on a Bus?

In 2013, a New York woman aboard a New Jersey Transit bus was accosted by four other passengers. The altercation ended when one of the passengers threw a bottle at the woman. They then got off the bus. The thrown bottle permanently scarred the woman and required her to get 22 stitches. The woman sued New Jersey transit, alleging that the bus driver was negligent. The accusation stems from the the driver’s failure to stop the bus and kick off the unruly passengers. The driver also did not call the police when it became apparent that the passengers were a danger to others. The woman was recently awarded $1.8 million for her personal injuries by a jury, who found NJ Transit 100 percent liable for the incident. Why Was This Incident NJ Transit’s Fault? NJ Transit has a duty of care to passengers on its buses to provide a safe…
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Who Do I Call to Report Injuries from a Car Crashing into My Train?

Trains and subways provide a valuable service to millions of people every year. New Jersey Transit is the largest public transit system in the country, carrying thousands daily to various locations in New Jersey and New York. And tragically, many passengers and bystanders die in train-related accidents every year. New Jersey has a history of train accidents going all the way back to 1833, when the first train accident with fatalities occurred here. There are roughly a dozen train accidents that happen in the state every year, including collisions and derailments. And according to the Federal Railroad Administration, these numbers are on the rise. In June, 14 people suffered injuries after a car crashed into the light rail in Jersey City. The driver was cited for failure to observe signs and for reckless driving. The incident comes a month and a half after four Jersey City firefighters were injured in…
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