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When is a Medical Injury Considered Malpractice?

A 16-year-old New Jersey teen was recently awarded $17 million after suffering damage to her thalamus during a medical procedure. The incident occurred when the teen was seven years old. She was hospitalized with pneumonia so severe that one part of her lung was beyond the point of treating with antibiotics. Instead, her medical care providers decided to remove the diseased portion of the lung. After the removal, a pediatric pulmonologist allegedly failed to properly wean the teen off of her sedation, which she had been on for 10 days. After her ventilator was removed, the teen stopped breathing, unnoticed by the doctors. By the time doctors acted, the teen’s heart had stopped. During a 35-minute period of unconsciousness, the teen suffered damage to her thalamus. That damage continues to affect her every day. She struggles to do most normal routine tasks; for example, when sworn in to testify against…
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