Are Bad Driving Habits During the Winter More Likely to Cause Car Accidents?

Photo of an auto accidentWinter weather in the last week has made New Jersey roads a disaster. New Jersey State Police are reporting that they have responded to more than 428 car accidents in areas they patrol. Icy road conditions have prompted Governor Chris Christie to call on anyone who must drive in such dangerous conditions to be careful and drive slowly.

Freezing rain, also called sleet or black ice, can make it difficult for cars and trucks to maneuver, sometimes causing them to lose control. Transportation officials will often put up speed restrictions and tell drivers conditions are unsafe and they should stay home if the option to do so is available.

Salt trucks are deployed during icing conditions to help keep water from turning to ice, reducing the number of car accidents. Public transportation is also likely to be suspended when road conditions are unsafe.

Icy roads leave no room for error, and drivers who are speeding or using smart phones have a much higher risk of being involved in a serious car accident. Although the safest thing to do when road conditions are icy is to avoid driving, some motorists may not have that option, including large semi-trucks.

How Can Motorists Reduce Their Odds of an Accident?

Motorists will have no advanced warning when they hit a patch of ice in the road, so being mentally prepared is the best way to avoid a dangerous situation. Phone calls and text messages can wait.

Motorists can do several things to improve their odds of avoiding an accident. The most important action that should be undertaken is to closely monitor and watch your speed. Speeding is a bad driving habit in general, but during icing conditions, it can kill.

Wearing a seat belt and paying close attention to winter advisory reports on the radio, TV or internet can save your life.

Always be extremely careful with applying brakes in icy weather. Applying brakes can cause a vehicle to slide and lose control. Paying attention to your surroundings is crucial when driving in icy weather. Other drivers may lose control of their car and slide into a fishtail.

Being careful is often not enough, and the best safety advice anyone can give motorists during icy road conditions is to stay home.

Spevack Law Firm has decades of experience defending car accident victims who have been injured by the negligence of other drivers. We hope everyone can stay safe for the remainder of the winter season. You can join our community and find out more about us by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Did You Know? Drivers are 36 percent more likely to be in an auto accident in January than July, according to the NHTSA.

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