Beware! These Dangerous Toys Can Cause Injury and Death!

familyThe consumer group World Against Toys Causing Harm, also known as WATCH, releases an annual report warning parents of the year’s most dangerous toys. It is intended to make parents aware of hazards presented by these toys, keeping them informed while they do their holiday shopping. Recently, WATCH released its Top 10 Worst Toys of 2017 report. Here are the ten toys listed on the list, and why they made the top 10:

  1. Hallmark “Itty Bitty’s” Baby Stacking Toy. This toy presents a choking hazard due to multiple small parts.
  2. Pull Along Pony. Due to a looped string used to pull the plastic pony along, this toy can present a strangulation hazard.
  3. Wonder Woman Battle-Action Sword. The sword, from the popular superhero movie, can inflict blunt force injuries on children and can cause injuries to the eyes.
  4. Hand Fidgetz Spinners. Popularly known as a fidget spinner, this hot toy has already led to several child hospitalizations this year. Small pieces can fall off the spinner, presenting a choking hazard.
  5. Spider-Man Spider-Drone Official Movie Edition. This flying toy utilizes spinning blades to keep aloft, which can lead to eye injuries. The toy can also cause impact injuries if it crashes into a child.
  6. Nerf Zombie Strike Dreadbolt Crossbow. This plastic weapon fires high-speed bolts that can cause eye injuries.
  7. Slackers Slackline Classic Series Kit. The slackline, much like a tightrope, presents fall injury hazards when children lose their balance. It can also cause strangulation if a child gets wrapped up in the slackline.
  8. Oval Xylophone. This innocent-looking toy can break into small pieces, causing a choking hazard.
  9. Jetts Heels Wheels. These wheels produce sparks when dragged against the ground due to flints in the heels. These sparks can cause burn injuries.
  10. Brianna Babydoll by Melissa & Doug. The doll comes with a small plastic pacifier which can be accidentally swallowed by children, causing choking.

Be sure to avoid these dangerous toys, and have a happy holiday, New Jersey!

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