Bus Driver Acquitted in Trial for Negligent Homicide

A bus driver was acquitted of homicide charges in Syracuse in the wrongful death of four passengers who died after a bus accident. The driver stuck an overpass in upstate New York in September of 2010, according to the Associated Press. John Tomaszewski, a 60-year-old Megabus driver, was facing up to 16 years on negligent homicide charges.

The bus was passing underneath a railroad bridge near Syracuse when the top of the bus hit the overpass. The bus was taking passengers from Philadelphia to Toronto. Assistant District Attorney Chris Bednarski argued that Tomaszewski ignored warning signs about the low clearance because he was using a personal GPS device.

“It was a tragic accident and four people lost their lives,” said Tomaszewski. “It’s something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life.”

Prosecution noted there were 13 low-bridge warning signs—some with flashing yellow lights—that the bus passed just before the accident.

“I’m disappointed for the families,” Bednarski said. “They were expecting closure. They’re dealing as well as can be expected. It’s something you probably never recover from.”

The jury found the city to be more responsible for the deaths for failing to raise the overpass for several years. I find it hard to argue that the driver is not negligent, seeing as how he passed 13 signs—especially if he was a distracted driver.

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