Can Technology Help or Hurt Driver Safety?

Photo of a car accidentDistracted driving has become one of the primary causes of car and truck accidents during the last decade. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 660,000 American drivers are using mobile phones and driving at any given time. New Jersey State Police say that distracted driving has become the top factor in car accidents.

Newer computers, such as Apple’s new watch or the Google self-driving car, have led journalists and safety officials to speculate on how advancing technology will shape traffic safety.

Smart watches can check email, connect to apps and serve as a scheduler. In some ways, smart watches can do many of the operations smart phones can do, and it might be more tempting to check while driving or sitting in traffic. In addition to smart watches, major tech companies have been developing smart-glasses that can display multimedia content.

Fortunately, New Jersey law enforcement will still ticket distracted drivers for using smart watches or smart glasses. However, in the next decade, it might not matter what kind of computers people are wearing or using while driving.

Will Self-Driving Cars Put An End to Car Accidents—or Cause More of Them?

Self-driving cars are another major aspect that could contribute to driver safety. By using advanced computers, sensors and being able to communicate with other vehicles, self-driving cars might help reduce car accidents caused by negligence.

Computers cannot get tired and fall asleep while driving, nor can they crack open several beers and get behind the wheel – at least not yet.

As often as self-driving cars are touted as a means to improve safety on the road, they are not perfect. Google was recently in the news after the press reported that their self-driving vehicles had been in eleven separate car accidents. However, it turns out that human drivers were responsible for the collisions with the driverless vehicles.

Our readers can learn more about car accidents and safety by following our blog. Car and truck accident survivors might be eligible to receive damages from negligent parties. The first step is contacting an attorney who can listen to your story.

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