Can The City Be Held Liable For A Pedestrian Accident?

The first question on a pedestrian’s mind after they have been hit by a motorist is: who is responsible? Surprisingly, there are more avenues for legal action than simply seeking compensation from the perpetrator. Of course, the perpetrator is an obvious starting point for making an injury claim, but depending on the circumstances, the local municipality can also be found liable for the accident.Photo of personal injury claim form

A local municipality can be found liable for a pedestrian accident if the collision was contingent on ineffective street design or traffic control devices. For example, if a stop light was malfunctioning and a pedestrian was hit crossing the street under the false assumption that oncoming traffic would stop, then the city can be found liable. Similarly, if a motorist changing a flat tire is hit by an oncoming vehicle because the shoulder was too narrow, then the city can also be found liable.

According to Jewish Political News and Updates, a resident of Queens was killed on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 1 in Teaneck, New Jersey. The 60-year-old victim experienced an unknown complication with his vehicle while driving north on the New Jersey Turnpike and pulled over to inspect it near mile-marker 120 at approximately 1:30 p.m. While standing beside his 2004 Chrysler Town and Country, the 60-year-old man was struck by a 2004 Mack tractor trailer.

Emergency crews arrived, but the victim was found dead at the scene of the accident. The New Jersey Police Department is still investigating the cause of the accident. As previously described, the family of the victim could build a wrongful death case against the driver of the tractor-trailer and/or the local municipality for failing to provide sufficient roadside space to work on a vehicle without risking a collision with oncoming traffic.

In addition, the company that owns the tractor-trailer could also be found liable for the accident, as it is their responsibility to employ competent drivers. The owners of most tractor-trailers are often not the same as those shipping the product. In fact, a company leases a truck from a third-party for shipping purposes. The company leasing the truck from the owners can also be found liable for the accident.

Looking For A New Jersey Injury Lawyer That Handles Truck Accidents

Clearly, there are a variety of different legal paths to take following a tractor-trailer accident, and it is important to work alongside a legal professional with sufficient experience to navigate the complex legal proceedings. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, the Spevack Law Firm can take care of your legal concerns so that you and your family can focus on recovery. We have been defending the victims of truck accidents since 1928, so you can rest assured that we have the experience necessary to secure the compensation that you need. For more information, try calling our office today to speak with one of our representatives.

[Did You Know: The NJ Turnpike offers a 10 percent toll discount for cars rated at 45 miles per gallon. Go green or go home!]

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