Are Cars Purchased from CarMax Safe?

Photo of a personal injury claim formPlanning on shopping for a car at CarMax anytime soon? You should be aware that some of the vehicles there may not be safe to drive. A recent study showed that many of the vehicles at selected CarMax lots had recalled vehicle parts that had not yet been repaired. The survey examined vehicles at three lots (one in Connecticut, one in Massachusetts and one in California) and discovered that 27 percent of vehicles for sale had at least one open recall. These recalls included, among other things, Takata’s notorious defective air bag inflators as well as General Motors ignition switches.

Both of these auto components have been linked to car accident injuries and deaths. The Takata air bag problem was is so widespread that it led to the largest automobile recall in modern history as well as Takata Corp.’s bankruptcy.

It is not illegal under federal law to sell a used vehicle with unrepaired safety defects under recall. However, safety advocates have fought to change that for years.

CarMax has fought back against scrutiny regarding the company’s sales practices, claiming that transparency is extremely important to the company. Before a sale is made, the buyer reviews information on the vehicle and is made privy to any open recall notices. Furthermore, CarMax is actually not allowed to perform recall repairs – only franchised new-car dealers are allowed.

Takata Air Bags and General Motors Ignition Switches

The problem with Takata air bag inflators was that, due to defects in design and the gas used, the air bags could explosively inflate. When they do, it leads to a spray of metal shrapnel inside the affected vehicle. The defect has killed several people and injured over 100 others.

The problem with GM ignition switches was that they could shut off while driving, preventing air bags from inflating in the event of an accident. General Motors paid compensation for 124 deaths and was shown to have known about the problem for over a decade before a recall was declared.

Defective auto components can lead to serious personal injury and even death. If you have suffered injury as the result of a defective auto component, you could be entitled to damages for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages and more. Speak to one of our Middlesex County injury attorneys for more information.

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