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Woman Hit by Flying Tire in NJ Turnpike Accident

A woman in Edison has been hospitalized after a freak NJ Turnpike accident in which she was struck by a tire. Gladys Duman was riding in the passenger seat of a car when a car on the New Jersey Turnpike lost one of its wheels. The tire bounced into Duman’s path and smashed through the

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How Often Do NJ Transit Trains Crash?

In early July, a New Jersey Transit train derailed on its way into Pennsylvania Station in New York. The derailment led to more delays on NJ Transit and Amtrak tracks in a time where delays are already causing headaches for thousands of commuters daily. New Jersey Transit officials described the incident as a “slow speed

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Can NJ Transit Be Liable if Someone Injures Me on a Bus?

In 2013, a New York woman aboard a New Jersey Transit bus was accosted by four other passengers. The altercation ended when one of the passengers threw a bottle at the woman. They then got off the bus. The thrown bottle permanently scarred the woman and required her to get 22 stitches. The woman sued

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Chemical Leak at New Jersey Industrial Park Hurts One

In late May, a tanker car at Pureland Industrial Park in Logan Township began leaking due to a malfunctioning valve stem. The tanker was filled with propylene, a colorless fuel gas with a naturally pungent smell. Propylene is flammable and considered volatile. The tanker can hold up to 30,000 gallons of this dangerous gas, but

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I Was Hurt by a Falling Tree, Do I Have a Case?

Tragedy struck a Mother’s Day barbecue in New Jersey when a tree crashed down, striking six people. Five of the victims were injured, while a 28-year-old father of two died. The tree was knocked down by a storm that suddenly arose. Other trees as well as power lines were brought down in the storm as

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What Do You Do After Being Attacked by a Dog?

Dog bites can leave victims with lifelong scarring and painful injuries. In some cases, dog attacks can be fatal. Last month, a man’s pit bull attacked his wife, prompting the man to seek a friend’s assistance in handling the dog. The friend took the pit bull to his home, where his 10-year-old son asked to

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Tree Falls on NJ Woman; Saves Her Life?

Having a tree fall on you probably doesn’t sound like a good experience, but it may have saved a New Jersey woman’s life. The woman, a Middlesex County resident, was clearing some snow off her car when a tree crashed down onto her SUV. She was trapped beneath the tree for several minutes as neighbors

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The Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury, Part 4: Common Causes of TBI

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) consider traumatic brain injury to be a serious public health concern. Every year, around 1.7 million Americans suffer TBI, from mild concussions to those injuries that cause serious, permanent disability. These lifelong effects stem from an event lasting only a split second. What Are the Most Common

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The Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury, Part 3: Emotional Complications

The effects of a traumatic brain injury can vary wildly. One of the many ways a TBI can change a person is by altering the way that person feels or expresses emotion. Depending on the site and severity of the injury, there are different emotional complications the TBI sufferer may experience. Emotional Complications Related to

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The Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury, Part 2: Cognitive Complications

Last week, we went into detail on some of the physical complications of traumatic brain injury (TBI). This week, we’re continuing this series by discussing the cognitive effects of TBI, which can vary wildly. Cognition is, simply put, to know or to think. Cognition encompasses a broad range of mental skills such as memory, communication,

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