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How to Create a Great Landlord and Tenant Relationship

When you sign a lease, you are establishing a relationship between you, the tenant, and your landlord, that will last for however long your lease is termed for. A lease is also a contract between two parties, and this contract promises that the landlord and the tenant will live up to their duties and responsibilities.

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What New Marijuana Bills Are Being Introduced in New Jersey?

In recent news for the Garden State, newly-elected Governor Phil Murphy has promised New Jersey citizens that he will legalize marijuana for recreational use. The governor and marijuana experts predict that the plant will be available for recreational purchase in the next year. This would make New Jersey the tenth state to legalize marijuana for

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Driver Faces Charges in Reckless Driving Accident That Killed 2, Injured 7

A New Jersey man is facing charges of manslaughter, assault and reckless driving after a car crash in Queens. Pending the results of blood work, he may also be charged with driving under the influence. The devastating car accident led to two deaths and injuries to seven people. According to reports, the 33-year-old driver was

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Should Truck Drivers Have Flexible Sleep Regulations?

The recent indictment of the truck driver who caused an accident that severely injured comedian Tracy Morgan has drawn a lot of attention to the issue of fatigued truck drivers. This attention prompted a federal study that will monitor sleeping habits of truck drivers to determine whether the drivers should have more flexible sleep regulations.

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