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Workers who have been in a construction accident or other work accident may qualify for a personal injury claim as well as workers’ compensation.

How Will This New Asbestos Exposure Law Affect New Jersey Residents?

Asbestos exposure is linked to many serious respiratory diseases and types of cancers, including the following: Mesothelioma Lung cancer Asbestosis Although federal exposure limits were set for the workplace in the 1970s, approximately 10,000 people continue to die each year from illnesses caused by asbestos. While asbestos is primarily used for its heat and fire-resistant qualities or can be mixed with cement, it can also be used for electrical wiring or building insulation. Workers become exposed when they inhale or swallow asbestos fibers. Over time, these fibers can accumulate with repeated exposure and cause inflammation and scarring in the lungs, which leads to cancer or other diseases. Unfortunately, workers are not the only ones at risk. It is possible workers can carry home asbestos fibers on their skin, hair and clothes. This creates a secondary exposure risk for families or anyone the worker comes into repeated contact with for extended…
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Why Did OSHA Cite This New Jersey Company $57,000?

Last month, Bolivar Enterprises L.L.C., a New Jersey-based company in Union City was fined $57,000 by the U.S. Labor Departmentā€™s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for nine serious safety violations. The investigation was opened after a worker fell while removing the siding from a three-story residential building. According to the report, the worker was removing the siding on an extension ladder that was part of a 25-foot-high scaffold. While removing the siding from the house, the siding gave way and the worker suffered a catastrophic fall injury and was later pronounced dead on the scene. Bolivar Enterprises was cited for allowing fall hazards to exist, in addition to the following: Failing to provide the proper fall protection equipment for workers operating on the scaffold Failing to erect scaffolding that met OSHAā€™s standards Using a scaffold improperly Failing to provide scaffold training to the companyā€™s workers OSHAā€™s area director released…
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How Were Four Workers Hurt at a Newark Airport?

According to NBC New York, four workers were hurt recently at the Newark Liberty International Airport when a cargo hangar collapsed. The news outlet reported that the accident occurred around 2 p.m. on September 9. The hangar was being prepared for demolition when the incident occurred. Two of the four workers were allegedly seriously injured, but are expected to survive. All four were transported to area hospitals for treatment. Nine workers were inside the hangar when it collapsed. According to NBC New York, all of the people working at the site were accounted for following the accident. The building was acquired by the state Port Authority in 2005 for storage use, although no aircraft were inside the location when the incident occurred. The collapse remains under investigation. As of last week, it was unclear what caused the incident or what company employed the injured workers. Seeking Help after a New…
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