Commercial Truck Accident Closes Route 1 in Trenton

A commercial truck accident on April 25 closed down Route 1 in Trenton for hours, according to ABC 6 News. The driver apparently lost control and crashed through a concrete barrier in the southbound lanes near the off-ramp to Market Street.

According to, it took Trenton firefighters over three hours to clean up the damage from the commercial truck accident. The tractor-trailer was carrying steel and two other vehicles were involved in the truck wreck, according to Battalion Chief Hank Gliottone, although not all details were made available. There were no injuries.

“I don’t know how the hell it got there,” Gliottone told reporters. “I don’t know who hit what…this is one for the books.”

Some of the fuel from the truck’s tanker spilled out onto the highway, but most of it was recovered by a clean-up crew.

“I guess it was a little messy, but nobody was hurt,” Gliottone said.


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