What is New Jersey Contract Law?

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What to Know About New Jersey Contract Law for Business Owners

Certain elements must be present to have a legally sound business contract under New Jersey contract law:

  • If one party offers the agreement, then the other party must accept it.
  • All parties in the agreement must get or expect to get some type of benefit from the contract. Contract law in New Jersey calls this beneficial exchange “consideration.” Without consideration in a business agreement, the court may find that the contract “lacks consideration”. If that is the case, then it is not legally enforceable.
  • The parties involved must agree to the offer, exchange of goods or services and agree that they are entering into a business contract.
  • All parties must be mentally capable of forming a business contract.

Not all business agreements are written. However, having a written business contract that clearly outlines the expectations and obligations of the parties entering into the agreement can be an asset if a breach in the business contract occurs.

Common Types of Business Contracts in New Jersey

Businesses may enter into or create many different types of contracts with shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers, such as:

  • Non-compete agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Licensing agreements
  • Vendor agreements

The language used in business business contracts in New Jersey may impact the future success of a contract dispute case if a party breaches the agreement. The best contracts think of and plan for any possible future legal obstacles.

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Since opening our doors in 1928, our New Jersey law firm has successfully represented a range of business clients in contract law cases. This includes Fortune 500 companies and local, small businesses. We know the importance of starting a business off legally sound. This includes guiding our clients in writing contracts or through business contract disputes. Our business attorneys also defend businesses involved in breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation lawsuits. We always aim to find fair and just outcomes.

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