How to Create a Great Landlord and Tenant Relationship

When you sign a lease, you are establishing a relationship between you, the tenant, and your landlord, that will last for however long your lease is termed for. A lease is also a contract between two parties, and this contract promises that the landlord and the tenant will live up to their duties and responsibilities. If you are about to sign a lease for a new property, or you are in the middle of fulfilling your lease as a tenant, it’s important to know your landlord’s duties that he or she should be enacting, as well as your responsibilities as a tenant. This will help create an efficient and respectful relationship between you two.

What Are the Duties of a Landlord and a Tenant?

As a landlord, your two main duties are to maintain the property itself, and to protect the tenants of the property. A landlord must provide safe and habitable units for tenants, and this should comply with local, state, and federal codes and statutes. Besides complying with these codes, landlords should make any necessary repairs, keep the property in a suitably livable condition, keep all common areas safe, keep all facilities and appliances safe, provide functional safety detectors and maintain that they’re working, and they should allow any tenants to modify the property or their unit to accommodate any special needs. Tenants, on the other hand, are responsible for fully paying their rent on time and following all the terms in their lease or property agreement. Tenants should also be respectful of the property and follow any legal guidelines, and they should keep the property and unit clean and in great condition. Communication is the biggest duty for tenants; they should notify their landlord if they will be gone for an extended period, if any repairs or renovations are needed, if they have any appliances, furniture, or pets they would like to add to their unit, or if they would like to add or replace any roommates.

How Can Landlords and Tenants Have a Good Relationship?

Both parties in this relationship should do everything they can to maintain the property. If landlords are prioritizing the safety and cleanliness of their property, the tenants will want to help maintain the property as well. Communicating is also equally important for both parties; landlords should list all details of responsibilities for the tenants in the lease, and they should converse with their tenant when they need extra duties to be fulfilled. Tenants should always promptly exchange information with their landlord when something is wrong or needs to be repaired.

New Jersey governs the relationship between landlords and tenants, but sometimes things can get complicated and a dispute might occur. The Middlesex County landlord/tenant lawyers of Spevack Law Firm can help settle any of these disputes and help promote cooperation between the two parties.

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