Dangerous Winter On The NJ Turnpike

Given the size and mass of tractor-trailers, they can be very difficult to stop once they have gathered momentum on icy roads. Furthermore, this winter has been a dangerous one for New Jersey commuters who share the road with large tractor-trailers. When roads are icy, tractor-trailers have great difficulty adapting to sudden changes in traffic and end up jackknifing, which can block all lanes of traffic. Jackknifing is when the back end of a tractor-trailer swings out to one side of the cab. It is very dangerous because it takes up the whole road and can cause multi-car pileups.

According to ABC Local New Jersey, on Wednesday, March 5, an out of control tractor-trailer blocked all lanes of northbound traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike. The tractor-trailer passed exit 8 for the Molly Pitcher Service Area in Cranbury at approximately 8 a.m. when it jackknifed and blocked the entire road. A second tractor-trailer, driving just ahead of the first, was struck by the jackknifing load and collided with a barrier. In addition, a small sedan driving behind the first tractor-trailer swerved to avoid the collision and flipped on its side. The collision took place in a narrow stretch of a construction zone, so commuters had no hope of getting around the collision.

Given the recent string of truck accidents on New Jersey roads, it should be no surprise that Governor Chris Christie declared a state of emergency. Road salt supplies are low, and fallen trees and down power lines have been the norm this winter. “Heavy snow, ice and power lines do not mix,” said a representative of the New Jersey Transit.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (DOT) plow and salt spreader operators have been preemptively clearing the roads despite their exhaustion. Amidst the salt shortages across the country, the NJ DOT has used 276,963 tons of salt to secure the roads. “You need to start fighting the storm before it actually starts, and stay ahead of it,” said a DOT spokesperson.

Middlesex County Attorneys That Handle Tractor-Trailer Accidents

It might be best to find alternate routes to and from work, because the New Jersey Turnpike has become a hotbed for tractor-trailer accidents and multi-car pileups. Even those with the fortune of not being directly involved in the accident can still get stuck in traffic for hours until the accident clears. If you or a loved one has been injured in a New Jersey truck accident, the Spevack Law Firm can help. Our Middlesex County injury attorneys have been representing the victims of tractor-trailer accidents since 1928, so you can rest assured that we will recover the full compensation that you deserve. We will work tirelessly to bring justice to the negligent driver and their employer. For more information or free legal advice, reach out to us. To schedule a free consultation with one of our Middlesex County injury lawyers, contact our office today at (732) 636-3030.

[Did You Know: The NJ DOT has broken last year’s record of $62.5 million spent on snow removal.]

Spevack Law Firm- Middlesex County personal injury lawyers

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