David Spevack to Present a Seminar on Plea Bargaining Guidelines to Attorneys

Spevack Law FirmThe Middlesex County Bar Association will be hosting the Municipal Court Practice Lunch CLE on May 4, and it will focus on plea bargaining. Attendants will be given information and examples on how to reach an agreement between the prosecution and a defendant to settle a trial. Criminal defense lawyers, prosecutors and other attorneys will be able to benefit from this event.

As an inclusive organization dedicated to educating the legal community, the Middlesex County Bar Association hosts events that can help attorneys sharpen their skills so they can be more effective in court.

David Spevack will be one of three speakers. David is a prosecutor for Woodbridge Municipal Court and a New Jersey trial lawyer. As a prosecutor, David has extensive knowledge of non-indictable crimes, which are offenses that do not lead to incarceration for more than one year.

What Topics Will David Spevack Cover During the Presentation?

David will be covering the following topics during this event:

  • David will talk about common flaws in driving while intoxicated (DWI) cases. This discussion will cover whether the alcohol or field sobriety testing during an arrest was flawed, and if it was, why it was flawed. During the presentation, several examples of DWI cases will be reviewed.
  • David will cover samples of various offenses, such as defendants driving without insurance or with a suspended license. The presentation will go into more detail by looking at facts that can help a prosecutor, such as why the defendant had a suspended license in the first place.
  • Other offenses and examples will be covered. Cases that include shoplifting charges, bad checks, domestic violence and animal cruelty will be discussed.

Why Are Events That Help Train Attorneys Important?

Attorneys uphold the assurance that American citizens can receive a fair trial. One of the ways such an important obligation can be upheld is by allowing the public access to competent and professionally trained lawyers.

Whether the case involves an individual that has been arrested for a DWI or a person injured in a drunk driving accident and looking to receive compensation, both parties are constitutionally assured a fair trial and competent representation.

Trials require attorneys to navigate through a complex web of municipal, state and federal laws. Education for attorneys does not end after law school, and it requires a lifelong endeavor to understand our nation’s justice system.

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