What Are New Jersey’s Deadliest Roads?

Photo of car accidentIt’s fairly well-known that New Jersey is the most densely populated state. We’re often reminded of this when traveling down busy roads during rush hour traffic. However, there are several roadways that carry a larger death toll than others in the state due to the sheer number of commuters traveling on them. Two reports compiled by NJ.com and NJSpotlight outline the deadliest roads in New Jersey.

Many New Jersey Roadways are Dangerous Due to Design and Congestion

Given that the New Jersey Turnpike is so busy, it should come as no surprise that it tops our list for most dangerous roadway. It averages 24 fatalities per year. The Garden State Parkway is considered the second deadliest roadway. In 2014, it saw 21 fatal car accidents.

Commuters in Middlesex County should be cautious on Route 1, as the most severe crashes occur here. In 2013, seven accidents occurred and took seven lives within a 20-mile strip between North Brunswick and South Brunswick. Additionally, drivers on Route 1 should drive carefully on areas between Route 139 to Broadway near Jersey City, as well as the areas between Alexander Road and Quaker Bridge Road near West Windsor, as these areas experience more than 175 accidents per year.

While other highways average fewer car crashes and subsequent car crash fatalities, there are still a few dangerous stretches to be wary of, including:

  • Route 22 between Jefferson Avenue and Madison Avenue in Union Township
  • Route 37 between Barnegat Bay and Thomas Street in Toms River
  • Route 17 between Linwood Avenue and Powers Drive in Paramus
  • Route 27 between Thompson Avenue and Stuart Place near Roselle and Linden

All of these stretches of highway have more than 200 car accidents each year and should be driven on with caution.

The State is Doing What It Can to Reduce Accidents

Though New Jersey has a bad reputation for road rage, it is surprisingly a safe state to drive in. NJ has ranked 48th for overall car crash fatalities, according to NJ.com. Many speculate it is because legislators cracked down on road safety, with laws regarding cell phone use and strict enforcement with graduated license laws.  However, it seems the state could be doing more in regards to the most congested roadways and the particularly dangerous stretches of highway.

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