Do Ford SUVs Leak Dangerous Levels of Carbon Monoxide?

According to, a New Jersey couple has filed a lawsuit against Ford claiming that their Explorer SUV leaks toxic levels of carbon monoxide into its cabin. Photo of accident

The couple, Stephen Schondel and Linda King-Schondel, of Middletown, filed the lawsuit in May against the vehicle manufacturer in state Superior Court in Monmouth County. They are asking that the lawsuit be moved to a U.S. District Court and are seeking to have it declared a class action claim.

According to the couple, Ford has known about carbon monoxide leaks in its SUVs since 2012, and has not corrected the problems or issued recalls. The couple hopes that the owners of Explorers, as well as Edges and Lincoln MKX models between the years 2011 and 2015, will be able to join the potential class action claim.

The couple claims that the models have issues with leaks that allow for exhaust and gases to enter into cabins. Ford has responded to carbon monoxide claims by saying that the vehicles do not present a health hazard.

However, the couple claims that they had a test done on their vehicle this year that shows the air condition system “picks up the gas entering around the rear ejector valve and blows it into the cabin of the vehicle.”

The lawsuit accuses Ford of violating the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, as well as state lemon laws.

Contacting an Attorney about a Defective Vehicle Claim

It is scary to think that carbon monoxide might be entering the cabs in these vehicle models. If it is proven that people have purchased vehicles that are exposing occupants to gases, they may be able to hold Ford liable. If drivers and passengers have suffered injuries because of the alleged defects, they should contact our Middlesex County injury attorneys about potentially moving forward with a claim.

Manufacturers must take auto defects very seriously, as they can lead to car accidents resulting in injuries and/or death. Companies have a duty to make sure that consumers are safe and that their products do not harm the public.

You should not have to suffer because a manufacturer failed to make sure that its products were safe. If you have been harmed by a recalled vehicle or defective auto part, you can reach our attorney by using the live chat option on this page.

To see how we have helped injury victims, visit our verdicts and settlements page. If you have fears that your vehicle has been involved in a recall, you can visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration by clicking here.

At this site, you can enter your VIN and check to see if any recalls have been issued.

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