Do GPS Devices Lead to Truck Accidents?

New York does not allow commercial trucks to use its parkways because they are too narrow and winding, and they are also full of low hanging overpasses that are too small for trucks to fit under. New York has placed plenty of warning signs before each of these overpasses warning commercial truck drivers, but truck accidents as a result of low overpasses continue to be an issue.

There have been over 200 of these types of accidents since 2005 alone. New York Senator Chuck Schumer believes that GPS devices are at least partially to blame, however, for routing trucks down streets where they are not permitted. The GPS devices do not distinguish between a truck and a regular vehicle, so they do not alter routes accordingly.

In an open letter to Ray LaHood, the Federal Department of Transportation Secretary, Schumer requested a thorough investigation into the issue. Schumer claimed that New York has spent $3 million to post 200 bridge warning signs as well as educate drivers about the issue of GPS and low overpasses.

Trucking companies should look into correcting the issue and should not need federal guidance and new legislation. After all, it is their trucks being damaged in accidents and putting drivers and other motorists at risk.

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2 Responses to Do GPS Devices Lead to Truck Accidents?

  1. We agree that the trucking companies could probably handle this internally. A database of all the low bridges in the state should be enough to prevent these kinds of truck accidents. Otherwise, a specialized GPS map for truck drivers or smartphone navigation app that provides alternative routes could work, though both may encourage distracted driving. Distractions are the last thing a truck driver needs when carrying upwards of 80,000 pounds of weight on high-speed roads, but when used properly, these precautions could identify risks well beforehand.

  2. It is disturbing that truck drivers put so much faith in GPS devices that they ignore road signs warning of the low hanging overpasses. Trucking companies need to make sure all drivers know the dimensions of their vehicles and not risk these types of accidents because it might affect their delivery time. Furthermore, if drivers are not looking at these road signs, what else are they missing when their eyes are on a GPS device?

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