Does Workers Comp Cover PTSD?

The subject of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often reserved for soldiers and veterans, who can spend years recovering from psychological distress after combat. A little known fact is that police officers and first responders can also suffer from PTSD as a result of things they see on the job, and many police unions are calling for employers to cover the condition under workers comp.

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In New Jersey, workers comp already covers PTSD. In most police departments statewide, officers can request professional counseling through an employee assistance program. A Police Chaplain Program is also available to offer peer and spiritual support when needed.

Vineland’s police department and others like it provide PTSD coverage through their health plan. Officers struggling with PTSD are offered “light duty” while they recover, and can even be eligible for paid time off while they receive counseling.

According to Camden City Police Chief Scott Thomson, police are offered very little time to recover from traumatic cases. “The traditional culture of policing dictates that when you’re finished with an assignment, you go back into service for your next call,” Thompson stated.

A Jersey City man is currently awaiting trial for the 2013 murder of two young Egyptians living in New Jersey. According to reports, Yusuf Ibrahim fatally shot the two men after an argument inside a Mercedes-Benz belonging to one of the victims.

Afterwards, he cut off the men’s heads and hands and buried them separate from the bodies in shallow graves behind a home in Atlantic County. Police responding to a report of suspicious activity found the remains with cadaver dogs. Ibrahim’s bail is set at $3.3 million.

How Do I Know If My Case Qualifies for Workers Comp?

Horrific murder and child abuse cases are disturbing to read about, but there can be serious psychological trauma for the police officers and caseworkers who see the events first hand. If you are suffering mental and psychological anguish because of your work environment, you may have a workers comp claim. Call Spevack Law Firm to discuss your case. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and we want to make sure your employer is taking care of you.

[Did You Know: In their lifetime, women (10%) are more likely to experience PTSD than men (5%).]

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