Eight Injured In Truck Accident In Area “Notorious For Truck Accidents”

Five people were injured in a truck accident in Riverdale when a dump truck coming down a hill collided with eight vehicles before overturning, according to ABC 27 News.  The majority of the victims suffered head and neck injuries, but authorities said that none of them are life-threatening.

The truck driver was not injured, according to Riverdale Police Chief Kevin Smith.  He says he suspects the driver will receive multiple court summons for the accident.  The accident occurred on southbound Route 23, an area that Smith says is notorious for dump truck accidents.

The driver initially told police that his brakes failed—but a state inspection determined that they were working properly.  Has anyone taken the time to find out why a specific area is so “notorious” for dump truck accidents?  What will it take to make officials look into this problem?

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