Family Survives Flying Over Embankment

A family of six, including four children, has been hospitalized following a truck accident in Irvington on April 18. The family was driving east on Freeway Drive in an SUV, when it collided with a tractor-trailer that was making a left turn. The SUV ran off the road and over an embankment, landing on the side of a highway.

“The SUV went up in the air, hung onto the gate for a few moments then it fell down,” witness Goswin Tyner told reporters from CBS 2 in New York. “It looked like a movie to me. It looked like it was something you see on the TV every day in slow motion. Once it fell, that when you know that it’s for real. God was just with them. It looks like he knew something was going to happen and he was with them that day.”

Investigators said that the family was lucky to survive the crash. The SUV’s driver, identified only as a 46-year-old male, remains hospitalized in critical condition. His 27-year-old wife and children ages 3, 5 and 7 are also in the hospital with less serious injuries.

No charges have been filed and the accident remains under investigation. Witness reports indicate that the SUV was traveling at high speeds.

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Tip of the week: According to the New Jersey State Police, so far there have been 19 fatal accidents and 20 traffic deaths in Middlesex County this year…

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