Faulty Brakes Lead to Truck Accident in Pennsylvania

A truck hauling municipal waste in Norristown, Pennsylvania crashed into several vehicles and eventually came to rest on SEPTA train tracks, according to Norristown.Patch.com. The truck involved in the accident was registered to a New Jersey trucking company.

The driver of the truck claims his brakes failed, sending him into a Volkwagan in the intersection when he attempted to stop for a red light. The truck then swerved to avoid colliding with gas pumps at a gas station, veered over the sidewalk and eventually came to rest on the train tracks. Two other cars in the parking lot of the train station were also damaged in the truck accident.

“I got a call from my son saying, ‘The police called and said your car has been hit,’” said Joe Bentz, a Norristown resident and owner of one of the damaged vehicles. “I didn’t understand what it was, I thought someone was backing in and stopped to call police to tell them they backed into my car or something. I just sort of gradually figured out that this was a serious accident.”

Pennsylvania State Troopers cited the driver, inspected the truck and found 14 safety violations, and cited each one. Trucks should always have working brake systems and it is fortunate nobody was killed. If you are injured in a truck accident, contact us today for a free consultation.

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2 Responses to Faulty Brakes Lead to Truck Accident in Pennsylvania

  1. Trucks like these have potential to cause massive damage. Even a truck with working brakes can take about one-third longer than cars to come to a complete stop, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). At least the driver managed to avoid the gas pumps and prevent potentially devastating explosions. The 14 separate safety violations suggest that Pennsylvania law enforcement might need to pay extra attention to trucks like these.

  2. Faulty brakes on a truck are a serious mechanical issue, and it is very fortunate that nobody was killed or seriously injured in this accident. Large trucks must be maintained regularly for the safety of all motorists, and 14 safety violations is an unacceptable amount for a single vehicle. Hopefully, this incident compels the company or individual who owns that truck to better inspect any additional trucks they might own.

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