FMCSA Cracks Down on Bus Liners after Investigation

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has ordered Massachusetts based Lynette’s Limousine Service, Inc. to cease all operations, declaring that the vehicles and drivers are an imminent threat to public safety. Lynette’s Limousine service has a fleet of 20 limousines, stretch limousines, specialty vans, a motor coach and other vehicles used for interstate commerce.

Investigators found Lynette’s Limousine failed to regularly maintain and repair its vehicles, and allowed vehicles known to have failed inspections to transport passengers. The company also failed to have qualified drivers, possibly allowed fatigued drivers to transport passengers and failed to ensure their drivers complied with the controlled substance and alcohol use testing regulations.

FMCSA has revoked an additional nine company’s operating authority in the past three months. All of these have come because the companies have had investigations that resulted in an “unsatisfactory” safety rating.

FMCSA is trying to make safety data easily accessible. They have created the SaferBus app to give people a chance to check the company’s safety record before you purchase a ticket.  Bus drivers and motor coach companies must adhere to strict federal and state guidelines, similar to truck drivers and freight companies. If the school bus company, mechanic or bus driver was found to be negligent in contributing to this accident, the injured children and their families may be entitled to damages. Please contact our firm today at (732) 636-3030 today for a free consultation.

Spevack Law Firm—Middlesex County bus accident attorneys

Spevack’s Did You Know: Since the beginning of 2013, FMCSA has issued out-of-service orders to a total of 22 bus companies and nine trucking companies.

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