Hit and Run Driver Injures Four-Year-Old Pedestrian

Photo of car accidentIt was 5:30 in the evening of November 19th, when a babysitter and two children walked up to Main Street and waited for the first opportunity to cross. They were looking forward to having dinner at the nearby Burger King restaurant, but they wouldn’t make it to dinner that evening. A white station wagon driving on the shoulder came at the trio, and now one of them is fighting for his life in the hospital.

A Hit and Run Driver Injures 4-Year-Old Pedestrian

A 4-year-old boy is in critical condition at Morristown Medical Center after being struck by a car while he was waiting to cross the street with his babysitter and another child. Police arrived on the scene of the collision and found the boy laying on the westbound side of Main Street. After questioning witnesses, they were able to determine that a white sedan was driving in the shoulder when it struck the boy and then sped away, leaving the injured boy on the side of the road.

Will The Hit and Run Driver Be Brought To Justice?

Police have released a picture of a white Subaru Outback station wagon that they believe is involved in the accident, and they are asking for the public’s help in finding and bringing the driver to justice. It is not known if this incident was related to distracted driving, alcohol or drugs, but witnesses say that the car had been travelling on the shoulder of Main Street for at least a mile before the collision. Now this 4-year-old’s family must wait and hope that their child will fully recover and that the person responsible is brought to justice.

What Can I Do To Help?

Unfortunately, car accidents in New Jersey are very common, but we can all make a difference and help stop these crashes. When you are out, have a designated driver; don’t text while you’re driving; and if you see an accident, take pictures with your cell phone and call the authorities immediately. Don’t forget to spread the word about traffic incidents in your community, and if there is nothing that your local police can do about an accident, remember that there are other resources available to make sure your family is cared for after an accident.

If you have more ideas about keeping New Jersey streets safe from traffic accidents, let us know on our Facebook and Twitter.

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