Logistics Company Elusive Following Semi-Truck Accidents

The same trucking company had two of their commercial truck’s involved in a truck accident last August in two separate incidents within seven days, according to the Pocono Record. The two accidents both occurred on Interstate 80 East and occurred only one mile apart, according to accident reports.

The trucks were registered to a company called A&D Logistics, and it seems they have been rather elusive when it comes to answering questions surrounding either truck accident. Paul Carinci, 55, was one of the drivers who was rear-ended by one of the semi-trucks on August 24 in Pocono Township.

“I saw this tractor-trailer coming up behind me and the guy didn’t look like he was gonna stop,” said Carinci. “And then ‘bang!’”

Carinici’s wife then read about another truck accident involving a A&D Logistics’ truck, and told the Pocono Record that she had trouble getting in contact with the company.  Their website lists an address in North Bergen, New Jersey and a phone number with a New Jersey area code. The woman who answers the phone says that it is the wrong number.

The driver of the truck involved in the accident with Carinci was identified as Basilio Zapata, 34. Zapata continued to drive after the accident and Carinci was able to follow until he pulled over. Police cited Zapata for driving too fast. The driver involved in the other accident was issued a similar citation.

It should be alarming that this logistics company is so difficult to get a hold of. The state highway patrol only issued citations to the individual drivers, without following up to see if there is a systematic problem with the company and laws are being broken. The driver of one accident did not even stop at the scene and was not held accountable for that. Someone needs to look into A&D Logistics before people get killed.

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