Maplewood Bottling Plant Fined for Violations by OSHA

Personal injury claim formAt any facility, management is in charge of more than simply managing workplace hazards. They also provide employees with information that can help prevent accidents in the future. When workers do not have the information they need to do their jobs safely and effectively, the resultant mistakes can be costly.

Maplewood Beverage Packers LLC underwent an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) after a temporary worker was injured falling off a ladder. The violations they found resulted in more than $150,000 in citations for Maplewood and Corporate Resource Services Corp., who assigned the temporary worker.

The bottling plant failed to provide workers with annual audiograms or install machine guarding, resulting in multiple health and safety violations. Audiograms help detect hearing loss and machine guards protect workers from moving parts.

In a crisis, workplace procedures can make a significant difference in worker safety. By failing to develop a plan, management risks an accident becoming a full-blown disaster.

On several occasions during the audit, OSHA cited the plant’s management for failing to design and implement procedures that would help handle future accidents. Management refused to develop plans addressing several common workplace dangers, like:

  • An emergency response plan for employees responding to spills of hazardous chemicals.
  • Lockout/tagout procedures to keep machines undergoing maintenance or repair away from power sources.
  • A hazard communication program to train workers who handle hazardous substances.
  • Training on how to avoid hearing loss for all employees exposed to excessive noise, as well as annual baseline audiograms.

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OSHA requires certain policies and procedures, because they reduce worker injury and save lives. Businesses that fail to address workplace hazards risk their workers being needlessly injured, or worse.

If you were injured on the job due to a lack of information, the Spevack Law Firm can help you fight back. Negligent employers endanger thousands of workers every day. Our experienced attorneys can help you hold them accountable.

[Did You Know: All workers exposed to noise levels of 85 dBA-TWA or higher are entitled to annual audiograms at no cost.]

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