Middlesex County Truck Accident Attorneys Appalled by Illinois Trucking Company’s Flagrant Violations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has ordered C&D Transportation Inc., an Illinois-based trucking company, to shut down all operations immediately due to serious safety violations, according to TruckingInfo.com. According to the FMCSA, C&D employed drivers without CDLs, drivers who spoke no English and who did not properly log hours driven by drivers.

“C&D Transportation Inc. has willfully violated an out-of-service order and continued to operate by renting vehicles on the effective date of the out-of-service order, one of which crashed; has failed to ensure that its drivers comply with commercial driver’s license requirements, English proficiency requirements, and vehicle weight limits; and has committed records of duty status violations,” read the statement from the FMCSA.

This is disturbing, especially considering that some of the vehicles that were ordered to be placed out of service were involved in accidents. Police departments in various states, including one in Pennsylvania, found the trucks still in operation despite the orders issued.

“The accident report notes that the driver of this vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign and overturned the vehicle,” the statement continued. “The Pennsylvania State Police cited the driver for failing to possess a driver’s record of duty status, operating in violation of an FMCSA out-of-service order, and an English proficiency violation.”

These are egregious violations that go beyond negligence. Please visit our site for more information on truck accidents, and contact our firm for a free consultation if you or a loved one has been injured.

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  1. Latherow Law Office Latherow Law Office says:

    The trucking industry is heavily regulated for good reason. Large trucks and semi-trailers have potential to cause catastrophic injury and death. They weigh about 20 times more than a typical car, they can be up to 100 feet long and they sometimes carry toxic chemicals that can put anyone within miles of an accident or leak at risk of serious illness. Companies that break these rules show a disregard for safety, and we are glad to hear that the FMCSA is shutting this organization down.

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