Middlesex County Truck Accident Attorneys Examine Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Police have identified the driver they believe is responsible for fleeing the scene of a fatal truck accident in Pittsburgh on December 11, according to reports. Judith Kollar, 53, was crossing within a crosswalk shortly after 7 am when she was hit by a commercial truck in Pittsburgh’s Strip District.

“The pedestrian was knocked into the opposing lane, at which time she was struck by a large truck and the Honda,” Sgt. Dan Connolly told reporters. “We believe the large truck didn’t realize he may have hit her. It’s a 33,000-pound truck hitting a 100 pound woman.”

Brian Jamieson, 61, was apprehended and charged the following day with leaving the scene of a fatal accident. Jamieson acknowledged to authorities that he was in the area at that time, but denied hitting Kollar. Police told reporters that they had specific evidence incriminating Jamieson.

Jamieson would have to have been traveling at a relatively high speed to not notice striking a human being. Please visit our site for more information, and contact our firm for a free consultation if you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a truck accident.

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  1. Edgar Law Firm Edgar Law Firm says:

    With multiple vehicles involved, it might be a while before investigators figure out who bears the most responsibility in this accident. Reports indicate that the Honda driver hit the pedestrian first, followed by the large delivery truck. Pedestrians always have the right of way when crossing a crosswalk, and truck drivers must keep an extra eye out for pedestrians when driving through a residential or commercial area.

  2. The investigation should determine whether or not the driver could have reasonably known he hit a person. If the driver was determined to be negligent, him and the trucking company will be held liable for this accident. If a driver suspects he hit anything, he should stop and investigate.

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