Middlesex County Truck Accident Attorneys Warn about Black Ice

As we continue on through the long cold winter months in the Northeast, motorists must exercise extra caution on the roadways. Even if there is no precipitation and the roads appear to be clear, drivers must be prepared for invisible black ice, also known as clear ice.

Black ice is a thin, nearly invisible layer of ice pellets, snow or sleet frozen on the top of blacktop. Black ice can accumulate on roads and sidewalks as soon as temperatures are near freezing points and even slightly above freezing. Even if it has not been raining or snowing, black ice may be present on road surfaces. Bridges and overpasses are particularly dangerous, as they the first parts of roads to freeze because of the cool air circulating both below and above the road.

Keep black ice in mind as you drive, especially around large commercial vehicles. Allow yourself additional distance between vehicles and plan on longer commutes.

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  1. Black ice is one of the most dangerous weather-related threats to motorists because it is so difficult to detect. Drivers should exercise caution, especially on bridges, during colder months and in the rain. Leave yourself additional stopping distance and do not cruise the blind spots of large trucks.

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