Middlesex County Truck Accident Lawyer Explains Who May Be Liable

If you are injured in a truck accident, chances are that you are burdened with medical bills and vehicle repair costs. These costs can be overwhelming, and sometimes insurance coverage doesn’t even began to match the expenses.

So if you are involved in a collision with a truck and you are not at fault, who is liable for the damages? Any of the following can be held accountable:

  • The Truck Driver—the driver may be held responsible if he or she violated traffic laws, if he or she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or in instances of distracted driving.
  • Trucking Companies—the trucking companies are responsible for ensuring the safety of their driving and compliance with all state and federal regulations. They must ensure that drivers are licensed and not drive over the permitted weekly hours.
  • Truck Owners/Garage—the owners and whoever performs maintenance on the trucks can be held liable in the event that a maintenance issue caused the accident.
  • Federal/State Agencies and Local Municipalities—if the state or a city knowingly does not repair road hazards, it may be held accountable in an accident.

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  1. This is a great overview of how many parties can be liable for injury or death following an accident. Any party whose negligence contributed to an accident can and should be held accountable. Victims and their families should always consult with an attorney following an accident before agreeing to any sort of deal or settlement, even if it sounds fair at the time.

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