Motorist Blinded By Smoke, Strikes and Kills New Jersey Firefighter

A New Jersey State Forest Fire Service member died after he was hit by a vehicle while working on a controlled burn near the Round Valley Reservoir on March 28, according to New Jersey On-Line. Reports indicate that a Jeep struck Jeff Scheuerer of the Readington Fire Company and also clipped a fire truck that was partially blocking the road.

Investigators said a “sudden shift of wind” blew smoke from the fire across Route 31, limited visibility and contributed to the accident. The woman driving the Jeep was not cited following the incident, although the investigation is not yet closed. Another vehicle narrowly missed Scheuerer before he was hit by the Jeep.

“This was a tragic accident and our deepest sympathies go out to Mr. Sheuerer’s family, the Readington Volunteer Fire Company, as well as Mr. Scheuerer’s colleagues in the New Jersey Forest Fire Service,” said Hunterdon County Prosecutor Anthony Kearns.

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