NJ Truck Driver Convicted of Negligent Homicide

According to FleetOwner.com, a New Jersey commercial truck driver was recently convicted on negligent homicide charges from a truck accident in 2008 that took the life of a volunteer firefighter in Mineral County, Montana.

Sergey Buslayev, 57, from Emerson, New Jersey was the driver of the Fed Ex commercial truck that slid across and icy patch on the highway and jackknifed into a pickup truck. Jerry Parrick, a volunteer safety officer, was in the parked pickup on the side of the road with his hazard lights on.  Parker was pronounced dead at the scene.

A jury found Buslayev guilty of negligent homicide in June 2011, and his sentence carries a maximum of 20 years in prison, according to prosecutor Marcia Boris.

David Paoli was an assisting prosecuting attorney on the case, and he contends that a jury had to convict Buslayev for many reasons. Parrick was clearly visible on the side of the road and had his hazard lights on. Buslayev was traveling to fast for road conditions, and also had bald spots on several front tires.

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