Types of Workplace Injuries Covered by New Jersey Workers’ Comp

Experienced Middlesex County Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Middlesex County workers' compensation lawyer for New Jersey workers hurt on the job who need fair benefitsFrom office workers dealing with ergonomic injuries to warehouse workers who slip and fall on the job, many types of injuries can happen at work. If you are hurt while performing your job duties, employers in New Jersey must carry workers’ compensation insurance or self-insure to provide their employees with benefits. These benefits may cover medical bills for reasonable and necessary treatment as well as provide temporary total, permanent partial and permanent total disability benefits after serious workplace injuries.

The experienced Middlesex County workers’ compensation lawyers at Spevack Law Firm know that workplace injuries can happen in any work setting, and that the benefits from workers’ comp may be your only source of income while you recover. However, filing a workers’ comp claim can be a complex process. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier may fight you on whether your injury or illness happened on the job, which can result in a wrongful denial of your workers’ compensation claim. The insurance company may even try to minimize the workers’ compensation benefits it pays, claiming your workplace injuries are not as serious as they seem.

If you are pursuing a workers’ comp claim, our workers’ compensation lawyers can help guide you through the process. We will make sure you receive the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. Since we opened in 1928, our work injury attorneys have served workers throughout Essex, Union and Middlesex County needing experienced legal representation to uphold their rights. As experienced New Jersey trial attorneys, we also help workers and their families pursue additional injury compensation in third party claims if we determine a non-employee is responsible for the work accident.

What are the Most Common Injuries at Work?

You may be wondering what types of workplace injuries New Jersey workers’ compensation law covers. Some of the most common types of workplace injuries an employee in New Jersey may file a workers’ compensation claim for include:

  • Slip and falls, or trip and falls
  • Spinal cord and back injury
  • Head and traumatic brain injury
  • Chronic neck or back pain
  • Injury from repetitive motions, such as carpel tunnel and tendonitis
  • Occupational disease from chemical or toxin exposure, such as mesothelioma
  • Construction accidents
  • Electrocution injury, such as burns
  • Hearing damage or loss
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Lifting or pushing accidents that cause muscle injuries, such as torn ligaments or rotator cuffs as well as slipped or herniated discs
  • Injury to shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, eyes, hands or feet
  • Heavy machinery accidents, such as forklift accidents

Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Injuries on the job not only take a devastating physical toll, but they can put workers in difficult financial positions due to medical bills piling up and lost wages while they are unable to work. Our Middlesex County workers’ compensation lawyers work hard to make sure employees hurt on the job in New Jersey receive fair benefits and compensation for these losses. Call us at (732) 636-3030, or submit an online case review form today.