Best Steps to Take After a Workplace Accident

Middlesex County Work Injury Lawyers Uphold Your Right to Fair Compensation

Leading Middlesex County work injury on what workers on the job in New Jersey should do after workplace accident to receive the benefitsAn injury at work can happen suddenly, and in the aftermath, an injured worker may be left with questions about what happens next, who to contact and how to file a workmans comp claim in New Jersey. The work injury lawyers of Spevack Law Firm are here to help employees who suffer work-related injuries throughout Woodbridge Township and Middlesex County, with convenient law office locations in New Brunswick and Iselin. Since 1928, we have helped our clients navigate New Jersey workers’ compensations laws to gain the financial benefits they need following injuries at work.

Our work injury lawyers represent clients from a variety of backgrounds and job industries. Whatever your occupation is and however you were hurt on the job, we know what to do and will help you figure out your best options are to file a workers’ comp case. Our Middlesex County workers’ compensation attorneys provide this guide on what to do after a work-related injury and are here to answer your questions.

Knowing what steps to take in a workers’ comp case can be confusing, but with the help of an experienced workplace injury lawyer by your side, workers and their families can gain peace of mind that they are on the right path.

I Was Hurt at Work – What Should I Do?

There are a few things you should do as soon as possible after an injury at work to uphold your workers’ comp rights. Of course, the first and most important step after any workplace injury is to get medical help. After you take care of your injury, other steps to take include:

  • Notify your employer of your workplace injury.

Even if you do not believe it may be serious, many injuries at work could result in symptoms that show days or weeks after the accident happened. If you report the accident and find yourself still able to work, reporting your work injury protects your rights to receive medical treatment under workers’ comp even weeks later. Not reporting your workplace injury when it occurs can give your employer room to deny providing medical treatment covered under workers’ comp.

  • Fill out the work accident claim form given to you by your employer.

It is best to fill out an accident claim for a workplace injury as soon as possible. New Jersey workers’ compensation laws allow most workers hurt on the job up to 90 days to report an injury caused by a work accident. However, your employer may have its own deadlines to report an accident at work. If you miss an employer deadline to report the work injury accident, but it has been less than 90 days, you may still be able to receive benefits.

Unfortunately, gaining workers’ compensation benefits after reporting the accident late or not properly reporting the workplace accident can give employers room to deny your claim and may make receiving workers’ compensation benefits even more difficult.

  • Speak with a New Jersey work injury lawyer before the insurance adjuster.

Prior to speaking with an adjuster, know your workers’ compensation rights by talking to an experienced work injury lawyer who can advise you of what to say and what not say to a workers’ comp insurance adjuster. Representatives of the workers’ compensation carrier are good at asking loaded questions that can potentially hurt your workers’ compensation case. If the insurance company is asking for a recorded statement, it is fair to answer that you need to consult with your attorney before doing so.

Do I Need a New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

The workers’ comp insurance carrier may be working to minimize your claim and not to pay you fair workers’ compensation benefits. Having the guidance of a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer during this time is important in making sure you receive the benefits you deserve under New Jersey workers’ compensation laws. Additionally, if your employer denies your workmens comp benefits to which you are entitled, our work injury lawyers will fight to ensure your employer honors your workers’ compensation claim and that you recover the maximum financial benefits available.

If you are searching for an attorney who can help you with your workers’ compensation claim, contacting the work injury lawyers of Spevack Law Firm should be at the top of your list. Our workers’ comp attorneys have served thousands of clients in and around Middlesex County, New Jersey, since our firm began in 1928. We will fight to get you the workers’ compensation benefits and financial compensation you deserve after a workplace injury. Learn if your workers’ comp case would benefit from attorney help by calling (732) 636-3030 or submitting an online case review form today.