One Killed in NJ Turnpike Truck Accident

One driver died in a truck accident involving two large trucks on the New Jersey Turnpike in September, according to Phillip Frey, 33, was driving a commercial truck southbound when he rear ended a United Postal Service truck traveling in the same direction at a low speed. Both trucks were engulfed in flames and exploded, according to a New Jersey State Police Sgt. Frey was pronounced dead at the scene, but the USPS truck driver was uninjured.

Hundreds of pieces of mail were destroyed in the collision and the ensuing fire, undoubtedly including some very important documents and other items. The truck was carrying one day’s worth of mail to several zip codes in Central New Jersey. Governor Chris Christie has provided aid and ordered state agencies to provide assistance to those affected by the lost mail. The missing pieces of mail were most likely collected from September 7 to September 10, and those who believe they are missing mail or packages should check with state agencies to ensure they received any mail sent to them.

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  1. Distracted driving is often the cause of rear-end accidents like this.
    While the commercial truck driver died in the accident, the company that owns the truck could still be liable for any injuries the driver of the USPS truck sustained.

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