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Make A Parenting Plan That Works For You

For parents, divorce can be significantly more complicated than it is for couples without children — which is already difficult enough. In addition to dividing assets and debts, spouses with children face the added challenge of ending their marriage while preserving an environment in which their child or children can still grow up happy, healthy and safe.

Divorcing parents may not agree on important questions such as where the children should live, how much time they should spend with each parent and how the financial responsibilities of parenthood should be divided. When these disputes arise, it’s crucial to work toward a resolution that meets your needs, with a compassionate and experienced lawyer on your side. Our Family Law attorneys will be an assertive advocate for your needs and interests and those of your children as well. Using the legal knowledge and experience and through earning a master’s degree in social work, Our Family Law attorneys will help you and your children’s other parent design a parenting plan that will help your children thrive.

Compassionate Legal Advice for Parents

Issues that parents facing divorce will need to address include:

  • Child custody: They will need to determine how to divide the fundamental rights and responsibilities of raising children, from providing food and shelter to making decisions about medical treatment and religion.
  • Visitation: When one parent has primary custody of a child, the other typically has the opportunity to maintain a relationship with the child through scheduled visits. We will help you design a visitation schedule that supports your child’s needs.
  • Child support: Financial support from one parent to the other can compensate for differences in parental responsibility, as well as differences in income.

Altogether, these factors add up to what is known as a parenting plan.

As they grow older, some children will act out in ways that violate the law. This situation is difficult for any family, but it can be especially complicated for divorced parents. We have significant experience in juvenile delinquency cases, and we can help you confidently navigate through this challenge.

Visitation Helps You Maintain A Strong Relationship With Your Child

After a divorce or separation, every family should create a parenting plan that meets their unique needs. Parents may disagree strongly on specific questions affecting their children, but the guiding principle of any shared parenting plan is the desire to create a stable and loving environment for your children.

No matter what your family’s child custody arrangement looks like, New Jersey law recognizes the principle that a child is more likely to thrive when he or she is able to maintain a regular and stable relationship with both parents, even when one parent has sole custody. (Exceptions to this principle include cases of domestic violence or substance abuse, when a parent poses a danger to his or her children.)

Assertive Legal Representation For Fathers And Mothers

As an experienced child visitation lawyer with a master’s degree in social work, Mr. Perez understands the importance of fostering a healthy co-parenting relationship. If you share joint custody of your children or if the other parent has sole custody, we will help you assert your parental rights in a way that reflects the best interest of the child or children. Our Family Law attorneys works with fathers and mothers to establish visitation schedules that benefit them and the children in their lives.

Learn More About Child Custody, Child Support& Visitation Rights

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