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A criminal charge can ruin your life. It could stop you from landing your dream job or securing a bank loan to pay for your new house. It can damage your reputation in the office, community and home. The charge can also create a stigma that stays with you for a lifetime.

Our experienced Middlesex County criminal defense lawyers can help reduce or drop criminal charges filed against you. The criminal attorneys at Spevack Law Firm can defend anyone charged with criminal offenses in most New Jersey municipal courts. When it comes to protecting your future, our criminal defense lawyers do not play nice. They use their experience as negotiators and intimidating courtroom personas in every case. Our criminal defense law firm has worked to perfect this since 1928.

We have law offices in New Brunswick and Iselin. This gives us the best opportunity to serve Middlesex County, Union County and Monmouth County residents with serious criminal and misdemeanor charges. When you call our NJ criminal defense law firm, we make protecting you our priority.

What is the Municipal Court Case Process in New Jersey?

  1. Arraignment. The defendant stands before a judge and enters a plea (usually “guilty” or “not guilty”).
  2. Pre-trial/bail period. During the bail period, the defendant pays a sum of money to leave police custody under the condition that he or she returns for the trial.
  3. Plea bargaining. The defendant’s criminal attorney meets with the prosecutor to discuss a plea bargain (pleading guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence).
  4. Trial. If the parties do not agree on a plea, then the defense and prosecution argue their cases in front of a judge and jury. The jury issues a guilty or not guilty verdict.

Common Municipal Court Charges Our New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers Represent

  • Driving Under the Influence
    New Jersey DUI laws are strict. The legal limit for your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is .08. If your BAC is above .08, then you could lose your license, pay thousands in fines and face community service for a first offense. Your DUI attorney in Middlesex County could help reduce drunk driving criminal charges and soften the sentencing.
  • Shoplifting
    New Jersey criminal law requires shoplifting charges be tried in municipal court if the goods allegedly stolen are worth $200 or less. With the help of a New Jersey criminal attorney, you could get a 3rd or 4th degree shoplifting charge downgraded or dropped entirely.
  • Drug Possession
    Municipal courts hear cases involving marijuana, certain prescription drugs and drug paraphernalia. If this is your first drug offense, then ask a NJ criminal defense lawyer if you qualify for the conditional discharge program. If you do, then just stay clean for six months to a year. Once you do so, the charge disappears from your record.
  • Assault
    Simple assault charges are decided in New Jersey municipal court. If your legal defense can prove that the physical altercation was consensual or that you did not intend to inflict bodily injury, then the judge could drop or reduce charges.
  • Bad Checks
    New Jersey litigates bad check charges in municipal court if the amount on the check is under $200. If you accidentally overlooked a financial statement and unknowingly wrote a bad check, then the prosecution could drop or reduce charges. This could happen if your bad check attorney can prove that you did not intend to defraud anyone.

Find New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers Near Me

No matter your case, the criminal attorneys at Spevack Law Firm are ready to fight for your rights. Criminal charges can have long lasting consequences. Even a speeding ticket can affect the rest of your life. You can avoid these consequences by seeking the help of a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer. Contact the Middlesex County criminal defense lawyers in New Brunswick as well as Iselin. We offer a free attorney consultation about your municipal court case.

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