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New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyer Describes Types of Commercial Trucks Commonly Involved in Collisions

New Jersey truck accident lawyer for Iselin, New Brunswick and Middlesex County semi crash claims

New Jersey is home to some of the busiest and most densely packed highways in the world. With all the agricultural and industrial activity, our roads are full of commercial trucks of all types. This high volume means that trucks frequently cause car accidents in New Jersey.

Trucking companies have teams of expert truck accident attorneys and investigators working hard to avoid liability. You need a strong advocate on your side who can protect your interests. Each New Jersey truck accident lawyer from Spevack Law Firm knows the complexities of truck accident litigation cases. We are familiar with the many different causes of truck accidents in and around Middlesex County. Our semi truck accident attorneys in NJ are prepared to fight for your rights. We have gained millions in truck accident compensation for our clients. Call us now at (732)636-3030.

Types of Commercial Trucks and Delivery Vehicles Commonly Involved in Crashes

Some descriptions of types of commercial trucks often involved in accidents with cars, motorcycles and other smaller vehicles include:

  • 18 Wheelers: Large semi trucks, also known as big rigs or tractor-trailers. They have a unique five-axle wheel configuration. These massive vehicles can be from 70 to 80 feet long and weigh as much as 40 tons when full of cargo.
  • Flatbed Trucks: Flat bed trucks have no side paneling or roof on the cargo area. Improper loading or unsecured truck cargo are common flatbed truck accident cases.
  • Dump Truck: Often employed by construction companies to carry loose materials, such as sand, dirt and gravel, to and from job sites or to take trash to landfills. Dump trucks are prone to backup accidents caused by limited truck driver view.
  • Tanker Trucks: Specially modified trailers to carry liquid loads. Tanker trucks are long and haul enclosed tanks of potentially hazardous materials. They must follow strict regulations for transportation and spills.
  • Garbage Trucks: Often called waste management trucks. They frequently perform trash collection in urban and suburban areas. As a result, they may cause pedestrian accidents around neighborhoods.
  • Panel Trucks: Used as delivery vehicles for small goods, these are cargo vans built onto truck chassis.
  • Tow Trucks: Government agencies and private businesses use tow trucks to transport vehicles, livestock, large equipment or machinery. Collisions involving tow trucks often result in extensive property damages and life-threatening injuries.
  • Emergency Vehicles: Law permits emergency vehicles to violate traffic laws when responding to emergencies. However, drivers of ambulances, fire trucks or police vehicles may still be accountable for accidents with municipal litigation.
  • Delivery Trucks: Mail trucks and drivers under deadlines for deliveries may speed or otherwise act negligent while driving to be on time.
  • Box Trucks: Also known as cube trucks or box vans. Box trucks are typically used for moving and can be rented by drivers who may or may not know how to operate box trucks correctly.

What Causes Truck Accident Injury from Commercial Vehicles?

Most commercial trucks are incredibly heavy. They can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. This is more than 26 times the weight of the average passenger automobile. When one of these heavy commercial vehicles collides with an ordinary car, the impact can cause catastrophic damage to the smaller, lighter vehicle. It can also seriously injure or even kill the driver of the car. Truck rollovers, underrides, jackknifes and wide-turn accidents are equally as devastating and potentially as fatal as collisions for all victims.

In a truck accident lawsuit, it takes an experienced New Jersey truck accident lawyer to analyze the complex human factors and engineering principles behind the accident. We will determine the best way to hold negligent and reckless truck drivers responsible. We then work to restore a portion of what our clients lost.

Truck Injury Lawyer for Crashes in and around Middlesex County

The Spevack Law Firm has successfully litigated personal injury and wrongful death claims for more than 80 years. We can help you. If you were in an accident involving a commercial truck or oversized vehicle, then contact a qualified and experienced New Jersey truck accident lawyer at our law firm today.

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