How Do I Protect Guests from Injury at My Holiday Party?

Are you hosting a holiday party this season? If you are, you might take on social host liabilities if someone is injured or an accident occurs, so it is important that you plan for guest safety. Photo of car accident

Drunk driving rates increase during holiday periods (this is especially true around New Year’s Eve). Because of this, law enforcement patrol is heightened in many areas. Make sure you have transportation options available to guests at your home, so that they can avoid the consequences of a drunk driving accident or arrest.

If you plan to serve alcohol, make sure you have designated drivers available and/or provide guests with alternative transportation options. It may be wise to have phone numbers available for transportation providers such as taxi companies.

If someone gets into a drunk driving accident following a party, you could potentially be held liable if you overserved an intoxicated guest and he or she injures another person.

In addition to having transportation options available, you should make sure that your property is free of items that could cause injuries. To avoid accidents, we recommend:

  • Checking all walkways and pathways for slip hazards such as ice, loose carpet or wet surfaces
  • Securing all pets to avoid potential bites
  • Avoiding leaving fireplaces, ovens or grills unattended
  • Making sure all food is cooked thoroughly and stored properly

When Is the Property Owner or Host Liable for Holiday Party Accidents?

New Jersey has social host liability laws that allow injury victims to hold property owners responsible for accidents. These laws apply to incidents such as slip-and-falls, food poisoning outbreaks and drunk driving accidents.

As a homeowner, you do not want to have a family member, friend or coworker injured during your holiday party. Plan accordingly to keep your guests safe.

Continue to follow our blog for more injury prevention tips. We hope you have a happy and safe holiday season!

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