Spevack Law Firm and Co-Counsel Receive $3 Million Verdict From Car Accident

David SpevackPhoto of court of Spevack Law Firm was co-counsel to a case where a young woman with a bright future ahead of her was catastrophically injured in a car accident. By summarizing the events and aftermath of the accident, we hope our readers can learn about the financial and physical costs of motor vehicle accidents and the importance of contacting an attorney.

In 2011, a Middlesex County college student was riding as a passenger in a vehicle that was forced off the road by an SUV. After the person driving the vehicle attempted to brake and slow down, her car collided with a tanker truck that had been parked on the side of the road.

Instead of starting college the next day as she had intended, the 19-year-old was undergoing plastic surgery at University Hospital in Newark. Due to the violent nature of the car accident, she had sustained severe damage to her face, neck, wrists and vertebrae, requiring ten plastic surgeries.

At the conclusion of a trial, a jury in New Brunswick concluded that the driver of the car was 30 percent responsible and the owner of the truck 70 percent responsible. The truck driver was not permitted to park along the shoulder of the road. Had he not been there, the accident may have been minor and would not have resulted in catastrophic injuries to an innocent young woman.

Ultimately, the jury awarded the young woman $3 million, which can help pay for the massive medical expenses incurred while recovering from her injuries.

What Do Motor Vehicle Accident Survivors Gain From Having An Attorney?

Accident survivors may seem unsure of how to pay for medical bills or continue their educations and careers. It can be a distressing thought that the negligent actions of another person can so easily destroy the future prospects and finances of innocent people.

By hiring an attorney, individuals who have been wrongfully injured have the opportunity to hold negligent parties accountable for their actions, and to secure the means to move forward in recovery.

David Spevack is a prosecutor for Woodbridge Municipal Court and a New Jersey personal injury attorney with Spevack Law Firm. For regular updates on Spevack Law Firm, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Did You Know? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motor vehicle accidents were responsible for $1 trillion in loss of productivity and loss of life in 2010.

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