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Spevack Law Firm, P.A.Spevack Law Firm has over 80 years of experience fighting for individuals injured by accidents and looking for a way to rebuild their lives. Founded by Oscar Spevack in 1928, Spevack Law Firm continues its tradition of helping the people of New Jersey who have been injured by the actions of irresponsible motorists, truck drivers, employers and property owners.

As a family law firm established almost a century ago, Oscar Spevack’s son and great grandson continue to help the people of New Jersey. Ronald Spevack and his son David Spevack are the current senior partners of Spevack Law Firm. Ronald Spevack has over 40 years of experience as a successful trial lawyer in personal injury and employment law and has tried over 500 cases.

David Spevack has established himself as an expert trial lawyer, focusing on employment law and workers’ compensation law. David Spevack currently serves as the Municipal Prosecutor for Woodbridge Township.

How Spevack Law Firm Can Help Your Case

Our attorneys have spent their careers helping individuals who have been injured in car and truck accidents, harmed by medical malpractice and hurt on the job. Our attorneys have over one hundred years of combined experience and we have seen everything.

An employer may provide an unsafe work environment, putting their workers at risk for a catastrophic accident, or perhaps a commercial truck driver has run into a passenger car while under the influence – whether the behavior is willful or negligent, we will fight for you.

Personal injury cases require complex reconstruction efforts to determine how the accident occurred and who was at fault. We can draw upon our experience, accident reconstruction specialists, medical professionals and other experts so we can gather facts and let the evidence tell your story.

Becoming your own advocate in the aftermath of an accident can put you in a worse place than where you started. Auto accidents can mean dealing with insurance companies and attorneys representing another party involved. Work accidents can entail defending yourself against the claims of a company attempting to shed itself of any responsibility for your injuries. Our attorneys have spent a lifetime battling parties with a personal stake in undermining an accident victims’ claim.

Contacting Spevack Law Firm Costs Nothing

Spevack Law Firm can offer a free consultation if you have questions about your case. We encourage our readers to reach out to us so we can help you determine how you should move forward in recovering from the devastating financial and physical impact of your accident. Accidents are a confusing and traumatic experience, and having an attorney advocate for you can help take some of the load off so you can focus on your recovery.

Spevack Law Firm can be reached at 732-636-3030 or you can visit our contact page and we can review your case information and questions.  Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 7PM.

Spevack Law FirmMiddlesex County Injury Attorneys

Did You Know? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration does not need to carry out an investigation after a work accident for you to file a lawsuit against an employer for allowing unsafe working conditions.

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