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Are E-Cigarettes Safe? NJ Vapers Sue for Injuries

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are touted as an alternative to smoking that may carry less risks than traditional cigarettes. But e-cigs may carry their own dangers, as lawsuits in New Jersey show. Four New Jersey residents have sued shops that sold them e-cigs, alleging that the products were defective and should not have been sold. The lawsuits came after the four plaintiffs were injured following the explosions of their e-cigs. One of the plaintiffs, a 40-year-old man, suffered third-degree burns to one-fifth of his body after the lithium ion battery in his e-cig exploded in his pocket. The personal injury made him unable to work and will require skin graft surgery to repair. Another plaintiff was injured similarly when his e-cig exploded in his pocket, sending shrapnel through his leg and burning him with battery acid. He, too, suffered third-degree burns and will require skin grafts. The third plaintiff, a…
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