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Over One Dozen Students Injured in NJ Bus Accident

In early June, an accident involving two school buses left 17 third-graders with minor injuries. According to reports, nearly 90 students were on their way to Museum Village in upstate New York for a field trip when debris in the roadway caused one bus to lose control. The bus was rear-ended by another bus, shattering

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Do Seat Belts Actually Make School Buses Safer?

You might not know this if you’ve never ventured far from New Jersey, but we are one of only six states in the country that requires school buses to have seat belts. That might seem outrageous given how important seat belts are to protecting drivers and passengers from serious injury in crashes. If passenger vehicles

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What Caused This NJ Transit Bus Accident?

In late August, we wrote about a New Jersey Transit bus accident that occurred where one bus T-boned another, injured 17 people and killing two. Now, a video has been released showing a bus driver running a stoplight that had been red for 34 seconds. What is Driver Error? While it’s true we’re all human

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Two NJ Transit Buses Crash, Killing Two and Injuring 17 Others

The No. 59 and No. 13 New Jersey Transit buses were involved in a horrific T-bone accident in Newark. The bus accident killed two people and injured 17 others, some of which were critical injuries. There were no passengers on the No. 59 bus, which was broadsided near Broad Street. However, the bus driver was

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Bus Slams Into Ten Cars in South Brunswick

Last month, a passenger bus slammed into exactly 10 vehicles at a stoplight in South Brunswick. The Coach USA bus crashed through two lanes of cars stopped at a red light. The bus mangled several cars, shoved a few vehicles off of the roadway and crushed the rest. Seven people were injured in the accident,

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