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What Are the Three Types of Distractions That Can Lead to a Car Accident?

Distracted driving has become one of the top causes of car accidents in our country. Distracted driving is any kind of activity that diverts attention away from the task of driving and keeping control of your vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 10 percent of fatal crashes and 15 percent of injury

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A Pattern Emerges? NJ Man Suffers Injury after Hammer Crashes Through Windshield

We blogged a few weeks ago about a tragic incident on New Jersey roads, when a 50 pound dumbbell came crashing through a man’s windshield. The incident caused injuries that would later prove to be fatal. Another incident with uncanny parallels occurred on January 26 on the Garden State Parkway. Around 3:30pm near milepost 134.3,

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What is the Most Dangerous Road in New Jersey?

In February, the former Miss New Jersey spun out while travelling north on Route 55 and smashed into two trees. She held on while in critical condition, but later died. Since her tragic death, four other lives have been claimed by Route 55 and many have been injured this year, including a woman who crashed

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Teaneck Driver Discovers Consequences of Road Rage

In 2012, two SUVs were driving erratically on Garden State Parkway, near Route 17. The Honda SUV was tailgating a Chevy SUV when the driver tried to pass in the exit lane. According to a police report, witnesses claimed both of the vehicles were speeding, making frequent lane changes and tailgating each other. The Honda

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What Are New Jersey’s Deadliest Roads?

It’s fairly well-known that New Jersey is the most densely populated state. We’re often reminded of this when traveling down busy roads during rush hour traffic. However, there are several roadways that carry a larger death toll than others in the state due to the sheer number of commuters traveling on them. Two reports compiled

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What Caused This Car Accident in Old Bridge?

Earlier this month, a horrific wrong-way accident occurred in Old Bridge on Route 9. Photos of the accident show the front of an SUV pushed so far into the car, the windshield is warped and the entire engine has been crushed into the front seat. The other car is in worse condition. The roof is

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New Jersey Officer Dies in a Hit and Run Accident

Last month, a man was traveling southbound on his way home to New Jersey from New York around 3 a.m. when he suddenly hit another vehicle. Both vehicles split, and the man pulled over onto the highway’s left shoulder. The other vehicle was disabled and incapable of being driven out of the right center lane.

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Police Officer Pleads Guilty to North Brunswick Accident that Killed One

A North Brunswick police officer admitted in court on November 13 to joyriding on duty in a sports car that killed his passenger and fellow officer in August of 2008 in Middlesex County. Keith Buckley pleaded guilty to official misconduct and admitted to driving a high-powered Dodge Viper on August 12, 2008 while on duty

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Route 70 Manchester Township Accident Injures 4

[ubermenu-map w=”375px” h=”375px” address=”Manchester Township, New Jersey” marker=”no” z=”14″] Four people were injured in a Manchester Township four-vehicle accident on October 31 on Route 70 when one vehicle crossed into oncoming traffic. The accident occurred around 12:42 p.m. near mile marker 41.5 and, according to authorities, the exact cause for the accident is still under

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Drunk Driver Dies in Wrong Way Collision in Old Bridge

A woman was killed while driving the wrong way on Route 18 in Old Bridge. She had been drinking with a friend when she left the bar and drove off in a car that was not hers, according to police. Ashley Sara Chieco was driving a stolen 2011 Hyundai Tucson, the same car that was

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